77 Hour Telethon

A covenant is an agreement between God and Man. It is our story and it all began with the covenant of Adam (PBUH). There have been six previous covenants throughout the ages. Each has pointed to the best of all covenants, The Seventh Covenant.

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07 May 2020, truly marked a historical event. An event that would forever change our lives. The Seventh Covenant was revealed and a 77 hour telethon took place to celebrate this glorious occasion. With live talk shows and NEW documentaries, it was a time to celebrate!

Have you ever asked yourself if there is justice in the world today? Democracy is justice, they say, but is it really? Look at the world and ask yourself if the world changed since democracy was introduced. Will we ever have justice or will mankind constantly be in a battle of tug of war, revolting against one tyrant only to be ruled by another one? Let us look into what Socrates, one of the greatest minds, say about democracy and how an ideal state should be ruled.

Ramadan- a sacred month for the Muslims in the world. It's supposed to be a time of worship and abstinence and unity. So why then is Ramadan become the month of excess and indulgence, The month of disunity and confusion, when the Muslim ummah differs and fail to determine the calendar and special occasions - like the Eid festivities, why are some Muslims celebrating while others are still fasting! What's really going on?

Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (p.b.u.h) the Yamani from the family of Muhammed revealed "the people are happy, thinking that they are fasting, whilst they sit at the table, eating everything that is tasty and filling of good foods. What kind of fasting is that? Let them await the real month of Ramadan and its TRUE practices"

At the beginning of a fresh covenant, we bring forth a new approach to open a dialogue with atheists and agnostics to reveal the common ground we all have. Why do we become Atheists? If you could prove to me today my religion is wrong what would my reaction be? If science today cannot disclaim the presence of a creator 100% and religion can't prove it 100% then is there another way? Through our discussion, we reintroduce an idea long known to man but neglected and overshadowed by logic and religious dogma.
In this episode, we use scientific research and peer-reviewed journals to verify our claims. We explore how thinkers from ancient east to west have postulated the idea of us being literally in a virtual reality game and the science today is backing up this theory.
Join us and let us reopen the dialogue and come to a fresh beginning.

The covenant between God and mankind goes back to the time of Adam. There have been six previous covenants throughout the ages. Each covenant has pointed to the best of all covenants, the seventh covenant. In this exclusive episode, we delve into the new covenant that has been prophesied.

Every day is Ashura, and every land is Karbala
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