Karbala: A Procession Towards Paradise

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Imam Hussain (PBUH) was the son of Imam Ali (PBUH) and Lady Fatima Al Zahra (PBUH) He was the beloved grandson of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). He was a member of the Household of Muhammad (Ahl al-Bayt) and the People of the Cloak (Ahl al-Kisā'), The Holy Prophet also said in relation to Imam Hussain "Hussain is of me and I am of him. Allah loves those who love Hussain."
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Each story has a hero and heroine it has the light and darkness. This story has many heroes and villans. The story of karbala is not just a story of tears nor a story of tragedy. Rather it is story of strength, determination and absolute loyalty. It is a story of faith in the most difficult of times. "Oh Allah, if this pleases you, take until you are satisfied." - Lady Zainab (PBUH).

Karbala is not just about the horrific events that took place on that tragic day in the desert town. It is a symbolic reflection of the eternal battle of good and evil. The virtues verses the wicked, the battle without and within.
There are many events that took place in the tragic land of Karbala and here are just a few of the events that happened:

On the night of Ahsura Imam Hussain gathered his loyal companions with him. It is said that The Imam commenced his speech thus: "I thank Allah to the best of my ability and praise Him during the time of weal and woe. A Lord! I thank You because You have honored us by means of Prophet hood taught us the Qur'an, made us comprehend the religion and its commandments, granted us eyes, ears and hearts; kept us free from the pollution of polytheism and then enabled us to thank You for Your blessings. It is a fact that I am not aware of any companions more faithful and honest than my companions and any relatives more righteous and kind than my relatives. May Allah grant all of you a good reward. I think that the day of our fighting with this army has arrived. I permit all of you to go away. You are free to depart without any restriction and should take advantage of the darkness of night".

However the men that remained with Al Hussain were indeed the best of men, they responded to there Imam as follows: Muslim bin Awsaja "If we withdraw our support from you and leave you alone what excuse shall we put forward before Allah? I swear by Allah that I shall not go away and shall not leave you. I shall thrust my spear in the chest of your enemies and shall quench the thirst of my sword with their blood as far as possible. And when there are no arms left in my hand to fight with, I shall shower stones upon them. By Allah we shall not leave you, so that Allah may see that in the absence of His Prophet we have honored the rights of his son.

By Allah, even if I come to know that I shall be killed and then burnt in fire and shall be brought to life again and eventually my ashes will be scattered in the air and I die and become alive in this way seventy times, even then I shall not leave you till I lay down my life for your sake. Then why should I not do so when I am going to be killed only once and will thereafter be honored, happy and exalted, forever".

Zuhayr bin Qayn Bajali "By Allah, I wish that I am killed and then brought to life and then killed once again and this act should be repeated a thousand times and this becomes the means of Allah protecting you and the young men of your family, and all of you remain alive".

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Is this not the same stance we should have with Imam Al Hussain in this time? Have the same loyalty as these companions. Imam Hussain said, "It is a fact that I am not aware of any companions more faithful and honest than my companions and any relatives more righteous and kind than my relatives".

Look and contemplate over the love that Imam Hussain had towards his companions so much so that he offered them a chance to walk away and leave him because death would be imminent. THEY STAYED LOYAL and did not leave his side.

The last farewell: How difficulty was it for our Imam and his family to be parted in this manner? As he bid farewell to his family tears of sorrow could be heard.As they remained loyal to their oath to God a heartbreaking farwell had taken place.
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Al Hussain the divinely appointed caliph of Allah carried a huge responsibility, a responsibility of keeping the religion of God alive.Whilst his enemies were determined to destroy it. What had begun with companions of thousands wittled away to only 72 companions. Imam Hussain took the ultimate stance against tyranny and oppression he kept the religion of God alive with the sacrifice of his life.

He said "Oh Allah, Oh My Lord my consolation is the fact that thou in thy majesty is witnessing what I am going through".

The light faded from the sky as the light of God was taken from the earth there he was Hussain the son of Ali the beloved grandson of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH )the King of Martyrs the Master of the Youth of paradise laying slain on the hot sand of Karbala. There he lay his lifeless body that had been trampled on by the horses of the enemies and his head decapitated from his body so mercilessly.
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The tragedy of Kabala did not just end here rather it continued with the members of Al Hussains family. The women and children. The 4-year-old daughter of Al Hussain who witnessed the atrocities that took place on that day, she saw the beloved body of her father lay slain in a land of heat. They were chained and shackled to each other and paraded through towns and villages.
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One man stood against thousands. Karbala: A procession towards paradise is an EXCLUSIVE documentary from the Black Banners of The East Satellite Channel. This documenatry tells of the events of Karbala.

Imam Hussain is back in this time and age and he is Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (PBUH) the Vicegrant and successor of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and we make to him the same oath that was made in the past and we ask Allah SWT to forever and always keep us loyal to him.
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Every day is Ashura, and every land is Karbala
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