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California is grappling with triple-digit temperatures, a freak lightning storm in the Bay Area, and high winds, all of which are contributing to wildfires breaking out throughout the state and, on Saturday, at least one rare fire tornado in Lassen County, north of Lake Tahoe. The National Weather Service in Reno issued a first-ever fire tornado warning on Saturday, Dawn Johnson, a meteorologist at the Reno station, said Sunday.

China In Focus (Aug. 17): Chinese River Tainted, Turned Blood Red

A river in China’s Sichuan province is turning blood red. This is not the first time. Officials have also warned that more floods are on the way for major rivers in both the north and south.

China’s Summer of Floods is a Preview of Climate Disasters to Come. As the global temperature rises, China will be hit by more frequent severe floods. Can the country adapt in time?

'Everything is gone.' Flooding in China ruins farmers and risks rising food prices

By this time of year, the rice growing on Bao Wentao's family farm should have been ready to harvest.

Instead, heavy flooding has engulfed huge swathes of southern China, including more than 36 acres of rice fields that 19-year-old Bao and his father tend to in their village near Poyang Lake.

China facing food shortage after months of flooding, infestations
Xi's description of food waste as 'shocking and distressing' could portend looming food shortage

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping's call for an end to food waste is a sign that the communist country is facing a shortage of grains and pork after months of flooding, insect infestations, the African swine fever (ASF), and the impact of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

China's deadly summer floods have caused $25B in damage

BEIJING – Summer floods in China have left more than 200 people dead or missing and caused $25 billion in direct damage, an emergency management official said Thursday.
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