Dr. R Patella says Vaccine a descent into Hell

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Dr. Petrella said: 'It is Going to be the Most Terrible Vaccine of All' — Lasted One Minute on YouTube, as YouTube took it down. Watch the video on the link at the bottom this post.

"It is literally a descent into hell." — Dr. Roberto Petrella
Originally uploaded to Youtube on August 24, 2020, but was taken down within 1 minute.

Official protest of the take down of this video (after one minute on YouTube):

Source: https://fromrome.info/2020/08/24/resist ... an-doctor/

_________________________ For Christians:

Be sure you are saved and not just think you are.
Jesus said “few” would actually do what he said. (Matt 7:13-14).

“Sinner’s prayers” are not in the Bible. Jesus said eternal life comes at the END of the narrow way. The false teachers and preachers say everyone is saved/born again at the BEGINNING (when they first believe), contradicting what Jesus said

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. (1Thess 5:21)

Watch video here and listen to the Drs urgent warning
https://www.brighteon.com/58a92e0a-b9e0 ... 0899a0ee76
In God alone , is therefore, Good, or rather Good is God Himself.

~ Hermes
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