Death of the Elderly

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Aba Sadiq (pbuh) said that Imam Ahmad Al Hasan (pbuh) said: 

The governments want death for the elderly, that is why they are taking this matter almost as an opportunity to get rid of them, because they regard them to be of no benefit, but Allah will soon inflict a punishment upon them that nobody can relieve the people of, except the elderly and the older people..

Because they (the governments) are lowly, they have thought in this filthy manner and are bereft of any mercy, if they had an atom's weight worth of mercy, and humanity within them, they would not have done that.

In God alone , is therefore, Good, or rather Good is God Himself.

~ Hermes
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Its the same in the UK as well, the government wants to kill off the elderly as they told carers to not resusitate elderly and let them die.

Imam ahmed Al Hassan a.s spoke the truth and exposed these filthy goverments!
From time to time Wisdom and Good Deeds have always been brought to mankind by Messengers of God; in age after age have Messengers been sent by Zurvan: Shitil, Zarathustra, the Buddha and the Christ. (Gospel of the Prophet Mani 3:1)
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