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Salaam Alaikum wr wb brothers and sisters

My journey started back in 2015 when I was 13 years old I had grown up in a Shia household and was constantly told we are waiting for imam Hussein as. One day I got told by my uncle that imam Hussein is back when he told me this my heart just instantly accepted this.
He then went on and told us to watch the tads and arrivals by watching this it clearly showed me the filthy dunya where we are in a world full of evil and false scholars and governments trying to indoctrinate us.
My heart had fully accepted that the imam is here and This is what I had been waiting for all my life to see the imam as and to give back revenge and victory for all the oppression that had happened to our imams, prophets and messengers.
So then later in 2017 I made Hijra with my family to meet Abdullah Hashem aba sadiq as and his pure family and the amazing brothers and sisters.
This had changed my whole life and I thank allah swt for the blessings to be with him and to learn from him just by his kindness, morals and manners I saw that this is the pure Ahlul bayt and that I did not want anything else but them.
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