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In this documentary series, we take a hard look at some of the most controversial rulings of the so-called religious scholars - influential prominent figures, followed by thousands even millions of adherents. We shine a light on some of the darkest teachings being propagated on platforms all over the world in the name of religion. From Child abuse to cannibalism. We ask the question: Are these religious non-working scholars really bringing us closer to God Or are they misguiding idols - wolves in sheep's clothing?

Ali Al Sistani is one of the idols of misguidance and Al Sistani is the most prominent misguiding scholar, or idol, for Muslim Shia in the entire world. Millions of Al Sistani's followers are ignorant of his crazy fatwas because this type of following is a blind following. Ali Al Sistani's word moves millions of his followers all around the world.

We will reveal some of Khomeini's crazy fatwas and rulings. In this episode is but a few examples of Khomeini's fatwas that are extreme in perversion and craziness, and it is up to you to decide how crazy and perverted they really are. Everyone knows that Khomeini is the one who overthrew the Shah of Iran during the Iranian revolution, however not everyone knows about his filthy fatwas and rulings that are far from the religion of Muhammad and the family of Muhammad pbut. Khomeini claims loyalty to Muhammad but his fatwas, rulings and Satanic ideology makes him of those who disbelieve in Muhammad and the family of Muhammad (PBUT).

In this episode is but a few examples of Ali Khamenei's fatwas that are extreme in perversion and craziness. It is true that not everyone knows about his filthy fatwas and rulings that are far from the religion of Muhammad and the family of Muhammad (PBUT). This episode highlights some of the most questionable rulings of Ali Khamenei.

Now things are about to get even more insane and that much more crazier.

Necrophilia is a term defined as having sex / Intercourse with the dead. You would be surprised how Necrophilia, sex with the dead is something that the religious clerics have began to accept and promote including the crazy fatwas and rulings regarding this. In this episode of idols of misguidance we will take a look at how religious scholars have began to integrate necrophilia i.e having sex with the dead into society. Just like sheep following the shepherd blindly people have failed to question them.

Isis is one of the most filthiest organisations. Emerging in the Middle East, Isis had some Insane rulings and most if not all were just outright stupid. Isis uses religion to justify its filthy organisation and the non working scholars support and glorify their insane rulings.

Jihad is one of the most controversial topics in society. We will examine the idols of misguidance who promote and issue fatwas/rulings favoring jihad.

We focus on the crazy insane fatwas that permit cannibalism. An act of abomination, eating human flesh. It has managed to sneak its way into religion through the tongues of the idols of misguidance. And the people remain silent to this abomination!

Iran and Al Saud are known for their crazy insane fatwas regarding corporal punishment. Two countries with the worst human rights records in the world that implement corporal punishment based on so called sharia law, through religious fatwas. But are the punishments really from Islam or the misguiding idols?

Every day is Ashura, and every land is Karbala
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