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You see them everywhere, lurking in every corner waiting for praise, glory, and recognition from the masses. In reality, they are nothing but non-working scholars. They do not practice what they preach and are so far from the truth they do not even see it. This is the state of the non-working scholars.

In The Sermon of Hajj Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (PBUH) speaks a lot about the stance of the deviant clerics towards him as the successor of Imam Mahdi (as). He says…

"I am calling you, oh People, to save yourselves from the test of those deviant misguided misguiding clerics. Ponder the situation of the nations which preceded you. Do you find the deviant clerics supporting a prophet from the prophets, or a successor from the successors? So do not repeat the same thing again by following those deviant clerics and fighting the successor of Imam Al-Mahdi the way the nations before you have followed the deviant clerics and fought the successors and the sent prophets".

Let us hear what Imam Al-Askari (as) has to say on the topic of 'scholars'. The following hadith is famous and well-documented - interestingly preachers only relate its first half usually, but not its second half…
Imam Hasan Al-Askari (as) narrated that Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (as) said,
"…As for those among the jurisprudents who are guarding themselves, safeguarding their religion, opposing their desire, and obeying their Master, then it is for the common people to imitate them…"

This so far what is preached by the scholars, but the narration actually continues until it arrives at the following words…

…Some of those jurisprudents are more harmful to our Shia than the army of Yazid ibn Muawiyya was to Hussain and his companions, because the army of Yazid ibn Muawiyyah took away from Al-Hussain and his companions their lives. But those jurisprudents take away the religion from the weak of our Shia."

– Tafisir Imam Al-Askari; Bihar al Anwar, Book 1; Hashem Al-Bahrani, Tafsir Al-Burhan, Vol 1; Fayd Al-Kahshani, Tafsir Al-Safi, Vol 1, Al-Huwayzi, Tasir Noor Al-Thaqalain

The Prophet (sawas) said to Ibn Masud: „… O Ibn Masud, there will come a time when the person who is still adhering to his religion will feel as if he were holding an ember in the palm of his hand. Therefore, he should act like a wolf, otherwise he would be eaten by wolves. O Ibn Masud, their scholars and jurists are dissolute traitors. Even worse, they are the evil creations of Allah and so are their followers, visitors, people who deal with them, love them, sit with them and counsel with them. Behold the Evil creations of God, the fires of hell find their way through them and they are deaf, dumb and blind and would not return. We shall assemble them on the Day of Resurrection and squeeze them deaf, dumb and blind because they belong in hell. Whenever the fires start to die out we shall boost the blaze, and whenever their skins ripen we shall substitute them with other skins so they would feel agony. If thrown in the fire, they would hear its inhalation ripping through, and the fire would flare up almost furious whenever they want to get out of it, anguished, but they would be thrown back in it and doomed to taste the excruciating pain of burning. In it they have an exhalation but in it they do not hear.
O Ibn Masud, they claim that they follow my religion, my Sunnah, my way, my laws but they have nothing to do with me, neither do I have anything to do with them.
O Ibn Masud, do not sit with them in public! Do not pledge allegiance to them in the markets! …“
– Ilzaam an-Naaseb volume 2 pages 131-132

Here you have clear WARNINGS the Holy Prophet (sawas) emphasizing we must NOT have anything to do with the non working scholars. It is something really for us to contemplate over what would the need of a savior/Imam be in the end times if religion was already perfect?

As-Sadiq (as) says:

"When Al-Qa’im comes out to take revenge on the jurists for issuing fatwas in what they do not know, they and their followers will suffer misery. Was the religion incomplete for them to complete it? Was it deviated for them to straighten it? Did people want to oppose Allah so they obeyed Him? Or did He command them to do right and they disobeyed Him? Did the chosen one (the Prophet) misconstrue what was revealed to him so they warned him? Did the religion remain incomplete in his time so they completed it? Or did another prophet come after him, and so they followed him?" – Ilzam An-Naseb, vol. 2, p. 200

A Documentary Revealing The Truth About Sistani. This documentary exposes the hypocrisy of Ali Al Sistani, one of the most prominent Shia scholars of our time.
A grand Ayatollah a prestigious name given to those who reach the epitome of religious knowledge, but what happens when those appointed as religious clerics abuse their power.

Time and time again we are being WARNED it is now for each of us to decide will we stand with the TRUTH or AGAINST it?

Lastly I will leave you with the words of Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (PBUH)

Be fair to yourselves for once and ask yourselves this question, “Have you asked the Messenger of Allah and the Imams about the End of Time Clerics before you ask the End of Time Clerics about the
successor of Imam Al-Mahdi?” Have you asked the Quran about the Clerics that if a prophet or successor is sent, what their constant attitude would be? Have you asked the Quran who kindled the fire for Abraham
and who wanted to kill Jesus and who fought Noah, Hud, Saleh, Shuaib, Moses, Jonah and all the prophets and successors? If you are not fair to yourselves and do not answer this question now, then surely you will answer it in hellfire by the answer,

And they say, “Our Lord verily we obeyed our masters and
great men and they misled us from the Way.”
Every day is Ashura, and every land is Karbala
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