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Pythagoras, Cyrus The Great, Zeus, Socrates, Arjuna, Saint Augustine and Plotinus what could all these great historical personalities have in common? What was is it about these men that really left a mark in history?

Let us begin our journey of discovery with not only one of the most prominent personalities in the western world rather, a more relatable personality to each of us. From sinner to saint, Saint. Augustine, a prominent personality in the western world, left a remarkable footprint for those to follow. He was one of the most influential figures in the Christian world. A man who journeyed to God. A journey from hell into heaven from sinner to saint.

Let us journey across the world to India, and more specifically the founder of Hinduism. Lord Krishna, worshipped as the supreme God in his own right. He is known as the God of compassion, tenderness, love and is one of the most popular and widely revered among Indian divinities. He is a central character in the Mahabharata and is mentioned in many Hindu philosophical, theological, and mythological texts.
But, is there more to this legend Krishna? Was he a man of God? Was he a prophet of God?

Alexander The Great: A Valiant Warrior, Conqueror & Prophet Of God.
He was known as one of the best rulers in ancient history.
A valiant warrior a conqueror of lands. His men were of the most loyal to him. He was a descendent of heroes and become a hero within his own right.
But was there more to this man who believed he was a descendant from heroes?

Gods, Goddesses, Kings, Heros, and Monsters surround Greek Mythology. The characters, stories, lessons, way of life have shaped art and literature for thousands of years.
You cannot mention Greek mythology without mentioning Zeus.
The stories of Greek mythology have been long assumed to be entirely fictional. This documentary reveals the truth behind the myth. The Truth behind the story of Zeus.
Zeus was he a man of God?

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