Jabalaka et jabarasa

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Cette vidéo est l'un de mes episodes preferé de la serie Tads, meme si j'en ai beaucoup de préférés...
Abdullah Hashem a.s. revenait de 40 jours de retraite qu'il avait proposé aux auditeurs
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Il nous parlent du lien entre les extraterrestres et, le mahdi , en prenant comme exemple la planete pandora, du film avatar [img]a.s.https://images.app.goo.gl/d5awFAvZVd6HDT6P9[/img]
Les habitants des planètes jabalaka et Jabarasa sont sur le point de venir à l'aide du qa'im a.s.
avec leur soucoupes volantes en forme de meules. Comme cité dans le hadith de l'imam ali a.s.

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asalam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakathu

Je pensais que je partagerais ce hadith ici parce qu'il mentionne Jabalaqa et Jabarasa. Je suis désolé d'écrire l'anglais dans le salon français

It has been narrated to us by Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Al-Husayn, from Ahmad Bin Ibrahiim, from Amaar, from Ibrahim Bin Al-Husayn, from Bastaan, from Abdullah Bin Bakeyr, from Amro Bin Yazeed, from Hashaam Al-Jawalayqi, who has narrated:
Abu Abdullah asws having said that: ‘Allah azwj has a city behind the ocean. Its capacity (area) is the travel distance of forty days. In it are a people who do not disobey Allah azwj at all, and do not recognise Iblees la, nor do they know of the creation of Iblees la. We asws meet them all the time. They ask us asws of whatever their requirements may be, and they ask usa sws to pray for them. We asws teach them, and they ask us asws about our asws Qaim asws until he asws makes his asws appearance.

And among them, they perform worship with great diligence, and for their city there are doors, the distance between one of its shutter to the other shutter is of forty Farsakhs. They perform (acts of worship) with great reverence and diligence. If you were to see them, you would despise your own deeds. The man among them Prays for a month without raising his head from prostration. Their food is the Praise, and their clothing is the paper, and their faces are shining by the light. If one of you were to see one of them, you would gather around him, and take from him the effects of it to the earth in order to be blessed by it.

Their sounds, which, they make whilst Praying, is more severe than the sound made by the wind. The warriors among them have not put down their weapons since the time they have been waiting for our asws Qaim asws claiming that lest they should see him asws even if the age of one of them is of a thousand years. If you were to see them, you will see reverence and submissiveness, and they seek that which will bring them closer to him asws. If we asws are imprisoned, they think that this is from the difficulties of the time in which we asws will be coming to them.

They do not get bored, nor do they fabricate. They recite the Book of Allah azwj just as we asws have taught them, and that what we asws have taught them is what they recite to the people. They neither disbelieve in it, nor do they deny any of it. They ask us asws about something which they come across from the Quran, and they do not understand it, and if they are informed about it, their chests are pleased by it when they hear it from us asws. They ask Allah azwj to lengthen our asws stay and that they should not lose us asws, and they know that this is a Favour from Allah azwj to them, for what we asws have taught them is great.

They will come out with the Imam asws if he asws makes a stand. Among them is an armed group and they supplicate to Allah azwj that He azwj should Make them to be the ones by whom the Religion will triumph, including the elderly and the young ones of them. And if you were to see the young ones from them sees a middle-aged person, he would sit in front of him like the sitting of a slave, not getting up until he orders them. For them is a way which they know of from the people, as to what is required by the Imam asws.

If the Imam asws were to order them with a command, they will keep to it forever until he asws issues an order other than that. If they respond to what is in between the East and the West from the creatures, they would do it in an hour. The iron does not break them as their swords are made of a metal other than this iron. If one of them were to strike at the mountain with his sword, it would disintegrate. The Imam asws will rise supported by them, Al-Hind (India), and Al-Daylam (Persia) and Al-Kark, and Al-Tark, and Al-Roum (Rome), and Berber (North Africa), and what is in between Jabarsa upto Jabalqa, and these two are cities. One of them is in the East and the other one is in the West. They will not come to a people of a religion except that they will invite them to Allah azwj, and to Islam, and to the acceptance of Muhammad saww, and the one who does not submit, they will kill him, until there will not remain anyone in between the East and the West, and what is inside the mountain, except that he will accept (Islam)’.

Basaair Al Darajaat – P10 CH 14 – H4
There in no might or power except God the Allmighty
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