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Witch`s were burnt at the stake a few centuries ago.

Historically the practise of voodoo known as an ancient religion, is said to have originated in Africa thousands of years ago, and was considered to be a religious belief by those who practised it. During the height of the slave trade it found a new home on the Western coasts starting in Haiti, around the year 1724 [A.D] The rituals soon began merging into cultures and religions across South America. as well as the caribbean islands, and laid the foundation for today's voodoo which is now considered to be the national religion of Haiti. It has spread to the furthest reach`s of the earth and is currently practiced by millions throughout the world.
The central core of the Voodoo religion is based upon the worship of multiple spirits in all they consider vital to life as well as the worship of ancestors. loa Rada and loa Petro are the two main Gods branching out to many other gods, Loa Rada is believed to have created the world, who makes the rules for life, while Loa Petro are a group of demons that are called upon mainly to cause destruction. Besides those there are many other gods, which are Loco (god of woods), Agwe (god of sea), Erzulia (the goddess of beauty). Some gods belong to both groups, Legba (god of crossroads), can be invoked as loa Rada to bring sustenance and wealth or called upon also as loa Petro, to cause a disaster.

The system of reward and punishment for good or bad behavior is in the form of Reincarnation, there is no heaven and hell in voodooism.
Someone who has been good, has the chance to ascend to Loa. If a person has not behaved well, that person will be born again as a human and begin a new life cycle and every opportunity in life will be granted, but the chance of history repeating itself through similar temptations as before, will still threaten and entice the individual. thus he will be punished by Loa. This could be in the form of a spiritual or physical impediment. However, serious offenses are punished through misfortune or the rebirth as an animal. If the person was particularly bad, they would be reborn as Diab, a demonic creature that only aspires to harm the living, or dominate possess others.

The word voodoo itself means God, or Great Spirit. it has been greatly distorted and misused from its original form. presently this word conjures up the notion of; blood sacrifice of humans and animals for use in black magic, the creation of zombies, the use of trances to communicate with the dead, and devil worship, the list go`s on...Yet none of these originated with or ever belonged to Voodoo. Its main overall purpose was to heal oneself to connect with others and build good relationships based on love and honesty, in communion with God the great spirit being.

What is practised as voodoo in this day and age is far from bringing about a positive outcome, people engage in evil satanic rites and hexing rituals are recited to destroy relationships or break up a marriage and even to kill people. causing the death of a person on demand. The reality is many people are duped into believing witchcraft will grant them what they desire or rid them of misfortune. The lengths that people resort to is horrifying.
In recent times child infanticide has taken position in the occult practices, in the belief that the child is evil if its mother dies delivering the baby, or if the child is a breach birth, or its top teeth grow before the bottom and so forth, this abomination is reported to be happening in Benin Nigeria.
The irony here is the child is murdered because its believed to be a witch by the very people who practise witchcraft and yet on the other hand some children are raised to become priests and priestess`s.

Voodoo priests and priestesses would be rich, if there spells actually worked.
In God alone , is therefore, Good, or rather Good is God Himself.

~ Hermes
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