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The Ten Commandments are bordered with one foot concrete sections measuring three hundred feet from side-to-side. Included in the border are small sections at the foot of the mountain with concrete letters which read, “Major Prophets” and “Minor Prophets”. Centered below are replicas of the Church of God of Prophecy flag and the United States flag. The visitor that chooses to take the challenging climb to the top of the mountain will climb 326 stairs. If you add the second wing of stairs and those that lead to the top of the New Testament Outlook, you will have climbed a total of 358 steps. After you reach the top, take a deep breath and then take in the spectacular view. On a clear day the view will encompass western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee, and northern Georgia.

Read the rest on the link below.

20200720_131149.jpg (545.37 KiB) Viewed 221 times ... mandments/
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