Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan a.s. is the Yamani,The Qaim, The First Mahdi and also The Successor of Imam Mahdi a.s.

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People say how could Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan a.s. is the Yamani and in the same time He is The First Mahdi and the Qaim? Some say how could there be 2 Hujjahs in the same time?

Regards the Hujjah, we must know that Imam Mahdi a.s will send a messenger who will be known as the Yamani. And the appearance of Yamani is the sign of the coming of Imam Mahdi a.s.

Imam Al-Baqir (pbuh) said: "In every century from this nation there is a messenger from the Family of Muhammad, he comes out to that century as a messenger for them and they are the greatest servents (of Allah) and messengers." – Bihar Al Awar 306 v.24

Muhammad bin Hammam narrated from Ja'far bin Muhammad bin Malik al-Fazari from Abdullah bin Khalid at-Tameemi from some of his companions from Muhammad bin Abu Omayr from Abu Ayyoob al-Khazzaz from Umar bin Handhala that Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq (as) had said: “BEFORE THE APPEARANCE OF AL-QA'IM there will be five signs; the rising of as-Sufyani, THE RISING OF AL-YAMANI, a cry from the Heaven, killing the pure innocent man and sinking in the desert.” - Ghaibat Nomani, Chapter 14: The signs preceding the appearance, Hadith 9

And what is the role of The Yamani? The Yamani, Imam Al-Baqir a.s told us that the Yamani will call people to Imam Mahdi a.s

Imam Al-Baqir (as) said: “None of the banners are more guided than the banner of the Yamani, it is the Banner of Guidance because he calls to your Companion (Imam Mahdi (as)). So if the Yamani emerges, selling weapons to people or any Muslim becomes prohibited. And if the Yamani emerges, stand up to him because his banner is the banner of guidance. It is prohibited for any Muslim to turn away from him. And who ever turns away from him, then he is from the people of hell, because he calls to the truth and to a straight path." - Ghaibat alNu’mani p.264, Door.14

And now we also have this narration:

Imam al Sadiq (as) said: "Oh mufaddal every allegiance before the reappearance of the Qa'em, then its allegiance is kufr and hypocrisy and deceiving, may God curse the one who receives the bay'ah (allegiance) and the one who gives it."

Bihar Al-Anwar Vol 53 Page 8

Now this might seem contradicted with the Yamani hadith unless the Yamani himself also the Qaim. We can see that the title of Qaim or Mahdi is a title even the Ahlulbayt a.s. have used it to refer it to themselves a.s.

Abu Khadijah narrated that Abi Abdillah (as) was asked about the Qa’im (as), so he said:
“We are all Qa’im (riser) by the command of Allah, one after the other, until the companion of the sword comes forth. So if the companion of the sword comes, he will come with a matter which is different than what was." - Al-Kafi by Sheikh alKoleini, volume 1, page 536

And al-Hakam ibn Abi Na’eem said that Aba Ja’far (as) said:
“O Hakam, we are all Qa’im (Riser) by the command of Allah”.
So I said: So are you the Mahdi (the guided)?
So he (as) said: “We all guide towards Allah”.
So I said: “So you are the companion of the sword?”
So he (as) said: “We are all companion of the sword and inheritor of the sword” - Al-Kafi by Sheikh alKoleini, volume 1, page 536

In order to decipher the matter of the Yamani one must realize, that "Qaim" or "Mahdi" are merely titles which can either refer to Imam Al-Mahdi or his vicegerent the Yamani.

Imam Al Baqir (as): "For the Qaim are two names, one is hidden and the other is revealed. As for the one that is hidden it is Ahmad, and the one that is revealed is Muhammad.” – Kamal Al Deen p.653 v.2 door 57

It is logical that the revealed name Muhammed refers to the 12th Imam Mahdi – Muhammad ibn Hasan Al-Askari – since all Shia think of him when they hear the word "Qaim" - however the hidden name is the Yamani Ahmed because he is unknown till he appears in the End Times.

So here Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan a.s is the Qaim and the Yamani and He is the Qaim whose name is hidden as the narration stated it.

Now people might say how could the Yamani be the successor of Imam Mahdi a.s? We have a narration stated that the Yamani will be the successor of Imam Mahdi a.s.

"The Prince of the Army of Ghadhab (Anger) is not from that such (of people) or this[1], but they will hear a call not from a human nor from the jin, 'Pledge allegiance to so-and-so [by his name], he is a Khalifa who is a Yamani (Yemenite Successor)." – Malaahem wal Fitan lil-Ibn Tawoos p.77, Door.20, Hadith.22 (Online version: p.27, Door.20); Kitab alFitan lilNa'eem alMaroozi p.66

And in the following narration, you will find that the title "the Qa’ims (the Risers)” is given to the Successors of the Qa’im (as), whom are the Mahdis (as)

From Abu Jaafer and Abu Abdullah (as) mentioning Kufa he said: "Masjid Suhail where Allah hasn't sent a Prophet except that he prayed inside it. From it justice shall appear by Allah, and in it will be His riser/ Qaim and after him will be risers/ Qaims, and they have the dwellings of the Prophets, successors, and the true believers."
– Wasa'el Al Shia, v.3 p.524. And v.10 p.282.; Mu'jam Ahadith al-Imam alMahdi, vol.3, p.302, Hadith.839; TahTheeb alAhkam, vol.6, p.31, Door.10, Hadith.1; Bihar alAnwar, vol.53, p.148. And vol.97, p.440; Kamaal alZiyarat, vol.1, p.76, Hadith.69

And also another narration also stated that after the Mahdi there will be an Imams who are the Mahdis.

From Abdullah from the Prophet of Allah (pbuhap), he said: "The Mahdi and the Victor (Mansoor) and those after them, and so they will be the Imams who are Mahdis. Allah shall bring down to them what He promised in His book and upon the tongue of His Prophet (sawas), by His Strength and Might." – Sharh AlAkhbar Fe Fatha’el Al’A’ema Al’AT’haar from Numaan v.3 p.400 Hadith.1283

So it is clear that the Yamani will be the Qaim and Mahdi and the successor of Imam Mahdi a.s. also. And the Yamani will name Ahmad. To make it more clearer that the Yamani is the First Mahdi Ahmad, we must take a look at the Will of the Prophet Sawas.

Excerpt from the Will:

Prophet Muhammad Sawas dictated his Will to Imam Ali a.s. until he Sawas said:

"...Those are the twelve Imams. Then there will be twelve Mahdis after him, so if death comes to him, let him hand it over to his son, the first of the close ones, he has three names, one like mine and my Father’s and it is ABDULLAH (Servant of God), AHMAD, and the third name is AL MAHDI (the guided), and he is the first Believer” – Sources: Ghaybat al-Toosi page 150. Bihar al-Anwar volume 53 page 147.

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Ala Meen The Matter of the Ahlulbayt a.s. is clearer than the sun. Peace Be Upon Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan a.s. The Promised Yamani,The Qaim of the Family of Muhammad a.s., The First of the Mahdi and the Vicegerent of Imam Mahdi a.s.
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