The Divine Just State - The Solution to the Problem Humanity Faces Today

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Although we live in a world with all great human advancements in technology and medicine, there is still so much suffering and misery in the world. We live surrounded by inequality? Why are people still sleeping hungry? Advanced nations have the technology to venture into space, spending millions on explorations yet, we have a massive global wealth inequality, poverty, famines, malnutrition, and people die from curable diseases because they can't afford healthcare insurance or medicine. Therefore what is the solution to these problems we face on a daily basis. Well, we have to look at the economic systems that we have today. The three economic systems that govern our world today are: capitalism, socialism, and communism. Each of these economic systems have been implemented all over the world for decades yet none of them have ever managed to achieve economic prosperity for everyone in real life.

These economic systems has led us to the disaster that we face in the world today. Refugees dying at sea, food insecurity, drought, war, and pollution. Even democracy doesn't mean anything for the people if greedy corporations or leaders control any of these economic systems. On top of that the people clearly have little to say in how the country is run and yet each system claims to be representing these very people. And all those in political power, past and present are in no way, ethically or qualified as the best man for the job. So after two World Wars later, depressions, famines, and a great deal of global tyranny, is there a solution?


There has always been a solution. Much of the world's religious and secular world alike have speculated over it for centuries. Christians, define it as the 'Kingdom of God', Plato called it, 'The Ideal State' in his book, 'the Republic', and Muslims call it the Divine Just State. It is a familiar concept to most nations and peoples. A government in which humanity would live in prosperity under one universal authority. Some call him the Mahdi, some called him the Christ or Holy Father, and some the Messiah or the Maitreya and others, the Philosopher King. But for sure, he is widely known and anticipated by many cultures and nations worldwide. And he, the Mahdi will be the one to establish the Divine Just State on Earth in the end times, after the world has become so full of corruption and oppression, and after being governed by self-appointed and elected leaders.


To achieve the Utopian ideal, the state must be governed by a Divine Just Leader. He has two unique qualities: one - a complete mind unrivaled in his intelligence and attributes, and two - an incorruptible character.

A leader that works entirely for the betterment of humanity and not self-serving agendas. A leader whose motivation is based solely in goodness, as opposed to the elected and self appointed leaders of the world's history. He's an enlightened guide for mankind whom has the ability to raise mankind to the next level of evolution by teaching to humanity and how to live in prosperity without depriving anyone else of their share. He will free the minds and hearts of the people and will bring about the end of poverty, injustice, and inequality through his enlightened knowledge and wisdom. One of the great thinkers, Plato referred to him as the 'Philosopher King'. The Philosopher whose dealings are with divine order, himself acquires the characteristics of order and divinity. Only he fully displays the attributes of the 'Divine in creation' in a complete way. Attributes like divine, mercy wisdom, truth, and justice, and therefore is worthy of leading humanity.

This divinely inspired leader would establish a divine just state. A state that would start from within. Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (peace be upon him), the messenger of Imam Al Mahdi (peace be upon him) said, "Purify your heart from inside, and you shall know like I know. Train and discipline yourself and want for your brother what you want for yourself. In fact, one for humanity, what you want for yourself."

This means that the citizens of this state would support and trust in his leadership and they would choose the welfare of all in the State, rather than individualism. Abandoning the capitalist ideology that encourages egoism and selfishness, putting humanity first, even before religion. Borders, race, class, and gender would no longer be an obstacle to achieving this idea.


Many times in history there's been the divine just leader, but no one or not enough people to support him. Jesus was meant to establish the kingdom of God on earth. Yet there were only 11 people to support him. And so he died at the hands of the tyrant without being able to establish justice on Earth.
That is why the divine just state is a two part solution. The people need the leader for guidance and he is waiting on them to support him!


The divine just state is a form of communism where everyone works in unity and harmony for the All and shares in all prosperity.

It is similar to communism because in Karl Marx's 1875 writing, 'Critique of the GOTA Program', Marx summarized the communist philosophy in this way. "From each according to his ability. To each according to his needs".

His idea was aimed at creating equity in society. A utopian society where even the working class would enjoy unprecedented prosperity. For Marx, "to each according to his ability" meant that the capitalists could no longer steal the profits from the people. The people would work in the jobs they enjoyed and did well in. They would happily contribute these skills for the good of all. The economy would prosper because they would work harder than in capitalism for a just society. "To each according to his needs" meant that the community would take care of those who couldn't work, distributing goods and services to everyone as they required them.

But unlike communism, this happens under a sovereign authority or the leader of humanity, the Mahdi.

He would eventually phase out worthless pay for money, and everyone would go back to trading in goods and service freely. People would only take what they need. This would eradicate excessive hoarding of wealth, and inequality because everyone's needs would be met freely. Everyone using their skills would work to provide a service for the others or the state and build prosperity for all. This would improve everyone's quality of life, as less burden would be upon the individual to take care of their own individual needs.

Imagine a world where no one sleeps hungry, where everyone looks after the needs of everyone else before himself. Where there's no need for greed or envy. Humanity to date has not experienced a way of life like this as a whole.


However, there whom may argue that there are already failing countries that are governed by so-called spiritual, religious, political leaders, like Iran's so-called "Great Sign of God', Khamenei, or the Vatican City's, Pope Francis for example, why should this [divine just state] one be any different?
Let's take a look at why these are illegitimate examples. First of all, there has always been three essential criteria to recognize God's appointed leader. First, his divine knowledge. Second, he must be mentioned by name in historical records, and third, he must call to the Supremacy of God.

Both Iran and the Vatican claim to be divine authorities on Earth, and yet both were unable to offer the cure for the Coronavirus, whether through divine intervention or divine knowledge. If their claim was true, then that shouldn't have been difficult for them.

Secondly, since the creation of the first man, Adam, there's been a chosen leader from God, one after the other. But he's always been able to prove his claim through a divine text, by being mentioned in religious books, or by the will and testament of his predecessor. We just not the case for either one of these leaders.

Thirdly, we can see that these leaders call themselves to be obeyed rather than obeying God. They hoard wealth in order to control the people. Clearly living lives of prestige while the citizens of their own countries suffer from economic hardship. And both governments are riddled with financial embezzlement and moral corruption, which simply doesn't represent the Messenger of God, whether Jesus or Muhammad. Therefore these institutions deceive the people into supporting them and not God.

To conclude, if it is proved to the world that does exist such a man on earth as prophesied, who will establish peace and equity on earth after it has been filled with tyranny and oppression, would it make sense to any intelligent person to be led by anyone other than him?!
Imam Al Mahdi peace upon him is already present with us today. And he is the only solution for the problems humanity faces in the world.

The question is, are we going to support him?!

For a more in depth analysis on how these three economic systems do not work, please watch the documentary, Sharing Without Communism
- minute 3:11:12

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Subhanallah this is amazing - The Divine Just State!
From time to time Wisdom and Good Deeds have always been brought to mankind by Messengers of God; in age after age have Messengers been sent by Zurvan: Shitil, Zarathustra, the Buddha and the Christ. (Gospel of the Prophet Mani 3:1)
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