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For thousands of years, Muslims have anticipated the appearance of a character who will rise during the end times to fill the world with justice and righteousness and abolish falsehood and injustice.

And although Muslims differ on whether or not Imam Al Mahdi (peace be upon him) has yet to appear, we find a striking narration from Imam Al Baqir (peace be upon) concerning the arrival of Imam Al Mahdi (peace be upon him).

In the book, 250 Signs Until the Emergence of Imam Al-Mahdi (peace be upon him), Imam Al Baqir (peace be upon him) states : ‘If the sea of Najaf dries up and a hundred years have passed over it, then wait for a man, a son of Al-Hassan Al-Askari (peace be upon him).

Arabic Source:
الإمام الباقر (عليه السلام): (إذا جف بحر النجف ومضى عليه مائة سنة فأرتقبوا رجُلاً بن الحسن العسكري (عليه السلام)

مائتان وخمسون علامة – العلامة (205)

And although many Muslims, especially the scholars will claim that this narration is weak or fabricated, if we carefully contemplate over this narration and briefly research the history of the Sea of Najaf in Iraq, we will realize that this narration is a fulfilled prophecy.

For example, on February 8th, 2019, an article was posted on the Alaraby news website, titled, ‘Life returns to the "Bahr al-Najaf” after a century of drought’, were it states, “Despite the passage of more than a century after the drying up of the Najaf Sea, located in the northern part of Najaf Governorate, in southern Iraq, the torrential rainwater this year has revived the sea, which turned into an outlet for Iraqi families during the spring vacation.”

Source: ... 8%A7%D9%81

Therefore, according to this article alone, the Sea of Najaf dried more than a century ago.

But in which exact year did the Sea of Najaf completely dry?

In April 29th, 2019, an article titled, The historical phases of the waters of the Najaf Sea was published by Dr. Mohsen Abdel-Saheb Al-Muzaffar, a Geography professor at the University of Baghdad, were it states “The Czechoslovak traveler (Alois Mosel) referred to the drying up of the Najaf Sea in 1915 AD, as he stood on a dam which cut off the water from the sea, and then his lands were transformed into fertile farms, but the truth is that the beginnings of the drought date back to 1887 AD during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II”


Also, in 2013, a study was done by the Iraq Natural History Research Center and Museum titled, ‘The Biodiversity Of Bahr Al-Najaf Depression’ which states, “Although some researchers referred to the drying of Najaf Sea (Bahr Al-Najaf) as occurring in 1915, it is believed that the drought was started since 1887 when water authorities blocked Euphrates canals preventing feeding the depression.”

Source: ... F_PROVINCE

Therefore, according to these scientific reports, the Sea of Najaf began to dry in 1887 and completely dried in 1915.

Thus, the drought of the Sea of Najaf fulfils the first part of Imam Al Baqir’s prophecy, which leaves us with the other part of the narration, which is “and a hundred years have passed over it, then wait for a man, a son of Al-Hassan Al-Askari (peace be upon him).”

So, if the Sea of Najaf dried in 1915, then, if the narration is true, there must have been some news in regards to the arrival of Imam Al Mahdi (peace be upon him) in 2015.

We, the Black Banners of the East give you glad tidings, for in 2015, Imam Al Mahdi (peace be upon him) came out of his long occultation and started to speak to mankind through his viceregent, Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (peace be upon him). And in this way, the prophecy of Imam Al-Baqir (peace be upon him) about the Sea of Najaf has been fulfilled.

This amazing narration not only fulfills the prophecy of Imam Al Baqir (peace be upon him), but it is a fulfillment of the end time prophecies, and a proof that Imam Al Mahdi (peace be upon him) is here and that his vicegerent, Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (peace be upon him), raised the Black Banners of the East.
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There is no power nor strength except by Allah SWT

Subhanallah a magnificent and clear Hadith that has been fulfilled for all to see
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