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S Aal Al Mahdi
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Ya Allah. Allahumma sali ala Muhammad wa Al Muhammad wal a'immatti wal mahdiyeen wa salim tasleeman.

Assalamu alaikum wr Allahi wb.

New here. Been using the telegram discussion group to get more affiliated with fellow ansars.
Want to do more. I'm an administrator in the telegram group. I want to learn more. Disappointed that we lost the YouTube channel. But it's a sign that we're hurting THEM.

I'm a little overwhelmed with everything on here right now. Need some guidance.

Also, is anyone in the UK?

This is our telegram link
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Walaikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

I was a pleasure to meet your acquaintance
Allahuma salli ala Muhammad wa ahle Muhammad al aimma Wal mahdieen Salim tasleema
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Walaikum assalam brother,

I'm in a very similar situation as you, I'm trying to find content on YTube but so much has been removed and the last half of TADS 2nd semester is missing :(

I'm trying to figure out what where do we go from here once we know...being patient.
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Walaykom as salam wr wb

Inshallah the youtube channel be back soon, do take your time to read everything on this forum, many interesting topics!

I am from UK too, we are all here if you need help or more guidance.

Allahumma Salli Ala Muhammad Wa Ale Muhammad Al Aimmah Wal Mahdiyeen Wa Sallam Tasleema
From time to time Wisdom and Good Deeds have always been brought to mankind by Messengers of God; in age after age have Messengers been sent by Zurvan: Shitil, Zarathustra, the Buddha and the Christ. (Gospel of the Prophet Mani 3:1)
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