I have learned that the Call was from before...

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Since 2011, God has blessed us with the opportunity of meeting hundreds of believing brothers and sisters, in person, from all over the world...

What a journey - and hearing their stories is like discovering a hidden treasure on Earth, that no other knows about but you and the few lucky ones who God blessed to share in their experience. I have asked many people over the last decade...

"How did you come to believe in Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan a.s.?"

The answer is always the same...

"I was guided to the promised Yamani from the family of Muhammad through the series T.A.D.S. or the Arrivals, by Abdullah Hashem, Abalsadiq a.s. - and then I searched on the internet, 'WHO IS AHMAD AL-HASSAN?' and I found his "SERMON OF HAJJ".

I have learned something so beautiful and sacred from Ahmad Al-Hassan a.s., something our father and master Abalsadiq a.s. has shared with us some time ago... This call to God rang out a long time ago, not in this world - but in another world... and it was there we made our pledges of Allegiance.

It's beautiful really... a miracle. We all recognized the voice of the one a.s. who had called us a long, long time ago. We instantly believed... no matter what faith or background we came from. In that moment, we were like that first creation whom God called out to.... We heard, we believed, and we submitted.

I have learned from Ahmad Al-Hassan's Sermon of Hajj, that it was a Call beyond time --- and every time I listen to it and read these Holy words... I understand them in a different way. And I thank God that He has blessed me today with the immense honor of being with Joseph, from the family of Muhammad.

The Almighty said: “Thus we established Joseph in the land, he takes from it whatever he pleases. We reach with Our mercy whom We will and We lose not the reward of the good. And the reward of the Hereafter is better, for those who believe and ward off (evil).”

Preserve and keep the command of the dweller; raise your eyes ever towards the light...
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