Exposing the False Self

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Exposing the false self.

Aba Sadiq (pbuh) informs us about the ego...

The self is the product of our deeds, we can either make it good or we make it evil.
It is our deeds that shape it, and it lives in our chest area. It is something that you feel, but you cannot see .
[Upon hearing good or bad news] Whomever strikes his head: then his soul is more powerful than his self.
If he touches his thigh, then his soul and self are equal in strength, and If he touches his chest, then the self is more powerful than the soul.

The self is fed through the senses it is made of: hearing, seeing, touching, and the speech, tongue, from these senses it starts to form, and then that is divided into two parts.
The first part is the good self and the second is the evil self. For example, if one speaks a speech that is unlawful (Haram,) he will feed the evil self, and as a result would become. stronger, or if he hears something unlawful (Haram) or looks at something unlawful (Haram) it will be food for the evil self and the opposite is true for the good self.
Until it reaches a stage where you either foster the good self with your deeds or the evil self with your deeds,
then one of them defeats the other and takes control over it.

Imam Ahmed Al-Hasan (pbuh) said:
“The self has two parts: a good and an evil one. They compete with one another until one of them takes over.”
Imam Ahmad Al-Hasan (pbuh) said,
“If you did a good deed, its effect on the good self will be stronger, because good deeds are stronger in power and if you did an evil deed, it will not have the same power over the evil self. Meaning, if the good self gets two points for a deed, the evil self will only get one point for two evil deeds.

In the Holy Quran, we read, “Be pious to your Lord who created you of oneself and created from it its spouse and from them - disseminated many men and women.”

Imam Ahmad Al-Hasan (pbuh) said about this verse...

“The self and its spouse is the good self and the evil self. Not all creation has a self. Meaning, there are humans who do not have a self, but have souls only.
He (swt) said, “many men and women”, he did not generalize over everyone. He did not generalize over all humans, but He identified the matter for a large group, that they have a self.
The soul is also affected by our deeds and while those who have souls only and no self are a small group of people, this does not mean that they are the best. And the small group of people who do not have a self are the angels who became human. And this matter is present with us today: Gabriel, Michael, and Rafael (pbut).
This does not mean that they are automatically better, because how about the person who has both soul and self but manages to successfully overcome this ego and live through his soul, and the Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (pbuhaf) says,
“Allah (swt) placed in the Angels a mind with no desire, and placed in cattle desire with no mind. And placed in the son of Adam, both. So, whomever his mind defeats his desire, he is better than angels and whomever his desire defeats his mind he is worse than cattle.”
In God alone , is therefore, Good, or rather Good is God Himself.

~ Hermes
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