Was Trump preparing a coup d"Etat?

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Was Trump preparing a coup d"Etat?
QAnon, The Boogaloo Boys and the Proudh Boys

I think that Trump has really been plotting a coup in the United States for a long time

From the beginning Trump was supported by a curious movement that emerged on the internet, a movement called QAnon (Notice the Q which reminds us of the word Coup), This movement aims to denounce the new world order and the abuse that they perpetrate based on conspiracy theories and presenting Trump as a rebel savior who goes to save everyone
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They believe that there is a deep state that controls presidents and that Trump is fighting against that deep state.
There are people who consider that this movement is supported directly by Trump, in this video we can see some proof that some people find
We can see the strong presence of this movement in the assault on the capitol in the United States

In fact the famous man with the horns that many have seen in the media is a well-known figure in the Qanon movement called QChaman
There is also a movement called the Boogaloo Boys who are an anti-government etherogenic political movement that consider that an imminent American civil war is going to start and that are preparing for it, although it is an etherogenic movement, many of them have strong right-wing influences or support Trump./align]
There is also a far-right neo-fascist movement that is gaining ground in the United States called the Proudh Boys.
In the midst of the riots that occur in the United States over the George Floyd affair and the great confrontations in the United States None of these movements received criticism from Trump who, while keeping silent about these movements, declares that the Antifa Movement will be designated as a terrorist group, Isn't this act the result of Trump's strong belief in nationalist and right-wing ideology? Could it be that Trump from the beginning was plotting a coup in the USA?
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I can understand that these people out of ignorance may think that he is a savior but in reality we know that he is not.

We can look at history and see what happens to someone who as a president goes against the new world order (J. F. Kennedy). So Trump is definitely not rebelling against the puppet masters.

Rather, the attack was orchestrated to systemically desensitize people from future attacks and destroy that idea for any one that was thinking about it.

And logically how can the country which is number 1 in security and defence, which has decades of experience in strategy and destablizing other "NATIONS" be ambushed by a few hundred people.

Light will prevail.
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