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We were born into this world each with a destiny to fulfill, whether it's a short term experience or a long term one, and even though, many may not know it, out of ignorance or deny it, there is a sacred purpose to our existence, other than living solely to accumulate.

When our work demands and family needs keep us constantly distracted to our endless To-Do list, our minds keep up an endless chatter about what we need to do. We are lost in our thoughts and fail to hear that voice of reason, the spiritual voice of God, and focus only on our wants and desires and poor relationships, which are increasingly based on self-interest. Therefore we lack the ability to see life, for what it really is, a continuous stream of moments. Think about it, we only ever have the current and present moment. The past is behind us and the unforeseen future is ahead of us, so we only ever have the Right Now. 

We need courage and honesty within ourselves, to fully accept this reality, and think about our actions before we act, during, this constant time slot, called Now. 

So how can we live a worthwhile life, both spiritually and physically and transform our lives, into experiencing the very purpose of being on earth?

I will come back to this question. As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said:

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Everything in life has its own polar opposite, positive and negative, within one, is the potential for the other… are a few to contemplate over…Night and Day, Male and Female. Love and hate, Pain and Pleasure, Sad or happy, Failure and Success. Good and Evil.

Let's focus on Good and Evil, a real eye opener is this famous proverb from Buddhist philosophy:

“To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven; the same key opens the gates of hell.”

This single key referred to, that can either open heaven or hell, is free will, the free will, to choose between good, which has good consequences or choose evil which results in bad consequences. Your free-will is paramount. And you’re always in control, because it’s your journey.

For example a person decides and changes the course of his or her life dramatically, by taking an innocent life. Besides the expected outcomes of a decision like that, the innocent life that has been unjustly plucked out of this world, has ripple effects and unintended consequences raining down on the family of the victim, and would likely for many years to come. So our actions, be they good or bad can produce an endless ripple effect on the lives of others, be it positive or negative.

The Now is all we have, always try to keep that in mind because no one knows when it's time to depart from this earth.

Imam Ali (pbuh) said: 

“If man will see how speedily his death is coming toward him he will abhor ambitions and will give up admiring the world.”  

This brings us back to the question, how can we live a worthwhile life, both spiritually and physically, and transform our lives into experiencing, the very purpose of being on earth?

The essence of spirituality is to establish a real relationship with the Creator, that’s the true nature of the journey. In order for that relationship to flourish  with God, letting go and transcending old patterns of being, must commence. It requires your conscious application. Only in this way will you obtain peace of mind and spirit, and receive enlightenment and guidance. God knows us better than we know ourselves. So what matters is the attitude of your heart, your honesty. You must pray to God with concentrated hearts and with sincerity.. He created us, and provided us with everything we need. 

Shouldn't it then be, even more important that we pray to God with a reverent heart?..With a devout heart and seek God’s forgiveness and pleasure, and ask Him for help, strength and patience, through all life's difficulties and hardships?. 

Our rest in God never finds its fulfillment only in ourselves, but always leads us out of ourselves toward him and toward others. 

Life is finite and fragile, it does not go on forever and although we try to avoid thinking about our own death, it is beneficial to ponder over it.

The soul however as Imam Ahmed Al Hasan (pbuh) has informed us, is eternal, that never dies. The moment one realises that life is transitory, one only does what makes sense. Some may say that writing about death is morbid, it really isn't, death is one appointment we shall never miss.

I invite you to watch this video about a man who experienced an NDE, his experience is truly remarkable and inspiring.

And Hellfire exists too for those who never turn to God in repentance...

In God alone , is therefore, Good, or rather Good is God Himself.

~ Hermes
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