Humanoid bird like beings in the sky

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Zufail Aal Al Mahdi
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Assalamualaikum wr wb dear family I had a really intense dream that I wanted to share.
I was in the balcony or terrace of a house and was talking to someone over the phone
During the conversation I noticed an eagle. It was a quite big and had huge talons and wings. Then I dont know if it transformed infront of my eyes or it turned in the air, I noticed it was really big and humanoid.
I told the person over the phone that I would call him back because somthing is happening here.
More of them started to come via portals in the sky.
Some of them looked good and some evil. I dont know if it was sort of a war between them or all of them just came for an invasion (or visit 😅)
And I witnessed it from there being only one of them to a lot of them.
I thought I will take a video in my phone in case I am the only one seeing this and when I took my phone a brother of mine had already taken a video an put it on his whatsapp status, I turned on my phone and there it was.
So I ran down to tell whoever was home
I went down 2 aunts of mine and my mom were lying in bed.
I woke them up and said you gotta see this there is something in the sky, I just said there are demons in the sky just come (to get them to come and see)
Then they came up and then saw them in the sky .
Thats the end or thats all I remember
I was so excited because I thought in the dream this would be like proof in the apparent for the dawa for my mother and aunts.
The beings were somthing like this 👇
The beings were somthing like this
The beings were somthing like this
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