Recurring dreams about my mother coming back from the dead

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In the name of Allah,

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My mother was always very sick since before I was born and she passed away when I was very young and several years have passed since then.

I don't dream about her very often, but I have noticed that most of the dreams I have had about her seem to have a strange and similar theme to them.

Sometimes, in my dreams, my mother had already been dead for a long time, but then she suddenly comes back from the dead. Other times, I think she has died, and a long time later I find out that she had been in a coma the whole time and regained consciousness.

I'm happy and surprised when she's back and spend that time with her, trying to make up for the time I never got with her, but just as I get used to the idea of her being back, she falls back into a coma and never wakes up again.

In my most recent dream with this same theme, she came back from once again, yet she fell into the coma as usual, however, unlike the usual dreams, when I was visiting her at the hospital, I found out that she had become pregnant this time in the time that she had been awake, (I'm not sure whether this is of any significance but it was different from the usual dreams hence I decided to mention it) and as I was crying and talking to her, she actually showed a response this time and it seemed as though she was just on the verge of waking up for real, however, I woke up before this could happen.

These dreams feel very weird to me and they don't feel meaningless... What do these dreams mean?
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