Ahmed Al Hassan a.s said that we are on the safe side

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Salmaan aal Al mahdi
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My wife saw a dream a year ago after a couple of days she gave birth to our daughter . In the dream, there are me and my wife we were in a place with lots of food and Many people.then I said to my wife that do not eat potatoes with the meat. And then suddenly everyone starts staring at us and then she gets a feeling that they called some people to catch us . So we pick some meats then decide to go away from that place , then they started to follow us. So we ran to escape from roof to another jumping until we stopped in front of a cheater or a leopard it was in yellow colour. the cheater or that leorperd was very calm and did not try to attack us we gave the meat to it and then we started to go further. Until we were in a hospital from their in people again started to follow us wanting to catch us as if we were wrong. Then we ran from their and got to a place like a embassy. Their is a desk and 3 people I asked one person if I could make a call and then he gave me the phone.my wife went to the other person and then the person said to her "pick a card from this pile .in this pile their is only one card that would save u" so then she picks a card and hand it over to him.she did not look at that card not she remember any ones face at this point except mine. Then while we were leaving the place she turned around and saw that the person whom she talked to was Ahmed Al Hassan a.s (peace be upon him). The the third person on that desk came and said to us "you are on the safe side" . End of the dream.
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