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Asalamu alaikum Wr Wb
In the Name of Allah The Merciful The Intensely Merciful
Allahuma Sali Ala Muhammad wa Alee Muhammad Al Aimma wal Mahdiyeen wa Salam Taslima

I would like to know more about the people of Saturn, what was their purpose in life? What did their bodies look like and who created it? How did a planet so far from the sun was able to support life?
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From time to time Wisdom and Good Deeds have always been brought to mankind by Messengers of God; in age after age have Messengers been sent by Zurvan: Shitil, Zarathustra, the Buddha and the Christ. (Gospel of the Prophet Mani 3:1)
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Asma wrote:
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Asalamu alaikum Wr Wb
In the Name of Allah The Merciful The Intensely Merciful
Allahuma Sali Ala Muhammad wa Alee Muhammad Al Aimma wal Mahdiyeen wa Salam Taslima

I would like to know more about the people of Saturn, what was their purpose in life? What did their bodies look like and who created it? How did a planet so far from the sun was able to support life?

Wa Alaikum Asalaam Wr Wb Sister, here is the documentary in regards to saturn and other Alien species.
And in regards to the question of evoltion posed to > The 12 as follows: The 12 (a.s.) were once asked the following

"I heard that the Imam (a.s.) said that the theory of evolution is not true and disbelief, so are all the “evidences” for it not true?
How did humans come to this earth and how old is the earth?
If the theory of evolution is not true then how can we interpret the discovery of skulls which go back thousands of years, which are different than the current human skulls?"

The answer has reached us through the following video:

This video covers these matters:

Our solar system is one out of approximately 200 billion in our galaxy the milkyway, and our galaxy is one out of trillions of galaxies in our universe.
Life exists all over the universe.
Even if you are only moving at 10% of the speed of light you could populate the entire galaxy in 20 million years max. This is nothing in the grand scheme of things, because the earth is according to scientists 4,5 billion years old. Therefore it would be in defiance to reason and probability to say that other intelligent life forms have not visited or contacted the earth.
The theory of evolution is false: The humanoid beings that were living just 10.000 years ago were a different species alltogether, and the history of the human race as we are today is only 10.000 years old, and many of the megafauna went extinct exactly at that time.
There is a substance which is necessary for life not known to the common public, which was brought here by extraterrestrials millions of years ago. All life was created from this substance.
Some species appeared for the first time on this planet, others came to this planet and populated it.
Some would appear very primitive to us but were actually spiritually very advanced, such as the Homo Erectus, and Homo Habilis, and other so-called "primitive ancestor" species who are actually one extraterrestrial race.
Throughout the billions of years of history of planet earth, it has been teeming with life since its infancy.
Some of the ancient species whom lived on earth resembled cow people but they were intelligent creatures to a certain degree, they were less intelligent than the human being, and went extinct due to their evil deeds.
There are different methods to travel through the universe: one is through spacecraft, or though certain biological creatures that exist on certain planets and have the ability to transport a being from one plane to another. And this is the method by which Dhul Qarnayn travelled. The creature is about the size of a car, and it sits silently in some of the deep jungles that have never been explored by mankind to camourflage itsself. Another method of travelling are portals/doorways which open and shut at different times and move from one place to another. And somtimes beings walk into them by mistake e.g. the green children of Woolpit who came from somewhere off of this planet. Another method of travel from one planet to another is through reincarnation of an extraterrestrial soul on another planet.

Proof of extraterrestrial influence on earth: You find the planet saturn symbolized in logos (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars), films, secret societes (e.g. Freemasons, Rothschild) and governments. And Saturn is a very important concept in religion and theology (as The Dark Lord).
Millions of years ago Saturn was inhabited by an advanced civilisation, and they never disobeyed their leader, who was a divinely appointed caliph of Allah, and they wanted to help the caliph of Allah (swt) on earth, and they also wanted to spread the religion of Allah on earth, so they made visitations to earth and met with the creation at that time, and those were called "Haytan", and amazed them with their advanced technologies and sciences, and saw wonders from the people of Saturn. So they thought they were gods and worshipped the people of Saturn, leaving many artefacts on earth indicating the worship of Saturn.
Human beings later found these artefacts and learned from them the worship of Saturn, and that is why today it is prominent all over the world and practised by secret societies.
And the planet saturn today is not inhabited today, but was abandoned millions of years ago.
Because after they had never disobeyed Allah (swt) they got intellectually invaded through new systems and beliefs by inhabitants of another planet who were enemies to Allah (swt). So the inhabitants of Saturn became corrupted and a punishment from Allah (swt) came down on them, and the survivors migrated to another planet called Subur on which the caliph of Allah (swt) was Noah (as) in that time, who later incarnated on earth as the Noah which we know.
Aliens are here now, even though NASA officially claims that there has been no evidence found of extraterestrial life.
Imam Ahmed Al-Hasan (a.s.) said: "For every 100 pieces of news that NASA releases, 99 are lies." And he (a.s.) also said: "The US Government is working with the extraterrestrial species.

The number of extraterrestrials living on earth is in the millions. Many of them live on government bases, and many of them come and go disguised as human beings having jobs and families, some are good, some are bad.
Now it's time to know how the extraterrestrials are affecting our past, present and future: The Mandela effect - people collectively havng false memories - is created by some of these extraterrestrial species who have advanced technology, which allows them to travel through space and time. And there are species whom are effecting our historical timeline - playing with and changing events in order to affect the outcome and the future. Some of the species who are doing this are the Shaffar and the inhabitants of Kuthl, and they are in great competition with one another.

Here further information on time travel Aba Sadiq (pbuh) revealed elsewhere than in this episode:
Imam Ahmed al-Hasan (pbuh) revealed that time is indeed not linear. And the past, present, and future are all unfolding simultaneously. They are all everpresent with everything happening at the same time.
The human has the ability to travel through time. One of the ways is through what people know today as wormholes. There are specific portals that open in different places on the globe and form a shortcut through space-time. If someone accidentally walks into such a portal, he can exit out into a completely different time zone, just like what happened to the children of Woolpit.
The human can travel back in time but the extent to which he or she can alter the past is very limited. If the traveler causes the smallest of change in the past, he would trigger what is called a butterfly effect. Meaning that any small change in the past can cause a large-scale alteration of events in the future.
Imam Ahmed Al Hasan (pbuh) revealed something even more astonishing about traveling to the past. While the traveler could manipulate certain events to change an outcome. He or she is not able to get in contact with his or her self in the past. If this would happen both of them would cease to exist.
In God alone , is therefore, Good, or rather Good is God Himself.

~ Hermes
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Alien Human Hybrids, Aliens, Harlequin Ichthyosis, and Stardust Ranch are some of the themes we will look at in this documentary. We will explore the world of alien-human hybrids, aliens, shape-shifting, and the events which took place at the Stardust Ranch.

This episode states:

Long before Adam and Eve walked the earth. Before our race claimed the earth as its own, there were other species-other creatures that called this planet home.
And even today there lives on this planet many different species of aliens. Imam Ahmed Al Hassan a.s. said that “The numbers of aliens on this planet today are in the millions”.
Many of them have the ability to shape-shift and appear in the image and form of human beings.
Some of them have come to this planet looking for knowledge. A great many of them have come to this planet with the intention of causing harm and havoc to human beings.
And most of these beings whom visit our planet consider us to be of extremely low intelligence.
And most of the aliens who have come to this planet come for sex.
There also exists a large number of alien-human hybrids - some of them know they are of alien origin, others do not. The human DNA is particularly strong and overpowers the DNA of most aliens and for that reason most of the hybrids born look like normal human babies. However, in some cases the alie.n DNA sometimes surfaces and causes a child descendant of the alien-human hybrid to be born with what modern medicine classifies as a disease e.g Harlequin ichthyosis. The alien species which they are descendant of are called the “Assur”.
The Assur are species of aliens which have the ability to shape-shift into human form and are present on our planet today and have been present for quite some time. In their natural form, they have scaly skin and as adults have gray eyes and resemble very much so the Harlequin ichthyosis baby.
The universe is filled with life. And there are some aliens who live their lives so fast that they are born and grow up and die within one day of our time length.
Then, there are other species of aliens who live on such a different frequency than ours, that when they look at our planet they see it as if it was empty of life – uninhabited.
There are other species of aliens who look primitive and if you were to see them you would consider them to be of low intelligence, but yet they are highly evolved and advanced spiritually.
One species of aliens that have come to earth, come from the Sirius Star System. They come from a planet called Khuful and it is a name in their language which means patience. They have large oval-shaped eyes and blue-ish skin. They are a species which is much more advanced than us and some of them are here on earth today. And how many are those who live on earth today that the people consider to be crazy without paying any attention.
In God alone , is therefore, Good, or rather Good is God Himself.

~ Hermes
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