Sofia and the demiurge a so-called Trojan horse

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This post is copied from sister TaHa from spanish lounge. I hope it's comprehensive and meaningful to you. I find it very insightful and would love to hear your thoughts on this subject

Greetings of PEACE to all

Sophia and the Demiurge by a Facebookean named: Trojan Horse
It seems long, but it's worth giving it a few minutes of reading at least.

Most of the Gnostics see Sophia or Wisdom, as the most important aeon, after Autogenes = Christ =. Sophia was important, because she set in motion the creation of the material world.
Sophia was the Greek name for Wisdom. Another name is often associated with Sofia; * Pistis or Faith *. Often, several texts use the two names together, such as Pistis Sophia, as in the chapter * The Hypostasis of the Archons *.
Sofia as a mother, should not be confused with Barbelo, the Perfect Mother. Whereas Barbelo was known as the * Former Thought *, Sophia was called * Later Thought *.

Sofia, probably guided by her pride, tried to emulate the invisible Spirit the "Father", to create an image of herself. Which means that she wanted to produce offspring, but without any consort or approval from her Father = Spirit =. As an eon, she had the power to do so, but she was not perfect, like the great Spirit, or like the other two perfect aeons, Barbelo and the Autogenes.
She was horrified when she saw what she had created, it was like an aborted being, an imperfect creature, a lion-faced serpent with eyes of fire, whom she called Yaldabaoth.

Sophia then drove her offspring out of the Pleroma, and hid her son = Yaldabaoth = within a thick cloud because of her shame so that the other eons would not see what she had unintentionally created.
Yaldabaoth was the first Archon = Ruler-Law = and he stole power from his mother = Sofia =, so she was not able to escape from the cloud. Despite stealing aeonic power from Sophia, Jaldabaoth was weak, but ambitious and hungry for power.
Since the archons, including Jaldabaoth, were androgynous beings, Jaldabaoth sired twelve archons, giving each one a bit of their power. They were named Athoth, Harmas, Kalila-Oumbri, Yabel, Adonaiou = Sabaoth =, Cain, Abel, Abrisene, Yobel, Armoupieel, Melceir-Adonein, and Belias. Seven of them would rule seven heavens, and five, the abyss that Jaldabaoth and the archons created. Each archon would rule a heaven or abyss, and they created 365 angels to help them.
According to The Origin of the World, there is an interesting story about her children. Yaldabaoth created a kingdom, called matter. And from this question, Yaldabaoth creates seven androgynous babies like him, to rule the seven kingdoms or skies of chaos. Each of his children have male and female names.

-Sambathas = Previous Thought
-Yao = Lordship
-Sabaoth = Deity
-Adonaios = Monarchy
-Elaios = Jealousy
-Oraios = Wealth
-Astaphaios = Wisdom

In her arrogance, Jaldabaoth boasted to the other archons saying that:
* I am God and there is no other God besides me! *
The Apocryphon of John (II 11:20)

Jaldabaoth was weak and ignorant, because he did not realize that there were powers greater than him. He thought he was the first. Jaldabaoth had sinned by saying these words, which is why he was called Samael * the blind god *. He also has another name * Saklas *, a name generally assigned to Satan.
According to The Hypostasis of the Archons and The Origin of the World, his mother Sophia rebuked him and gave him this name; Samael, and he said;
* You are wrong, Samael *
The Hypostasis of the Archons (II 87: 2)

According to The Hypostasis of the Archons, after this boast, he challenged her by saying:
* If there is anything else before me, let it appear before me! *
The Hypostasis of the Archons (II 94:25)

Thus, Sofia stretches a finger and causes light in the region of chaos. The chief archon trembled with fear ...

When Jaldabaoth and the other archons heard Sophia's voice they searched for the voice and tracked it down to the abyss, where the chief archon saw her mother's reflection in the water. They wanted to seize the image, but could not. They were ignorant and weak, because they did not understand that the image was reflected from above.

Yaldabaoth insisted saying;
* I am a jealous God, and there is no other God besides me. *
But by saying this he caused the angels who attended him to think that there was another God. Because if there was no other, why would I be jealous?
The Apocryphon of John (II 13: 9-12)

It was at this point that Sophia realized what she had engendered, and she repented. She prayed to her Father for her deliverance, and the restoration of the power that her son Yaldabaoth had stolen from her. Its light was dwindling, as the theft sapped its power. She was moving, back and forth.
It was at that moment that the voice of the invisible Spirit was heard, to rebuke Jaldabaoth and the archons. They trembled with fear, and saw reflected in the water, in the image of God = the Spirit =, in human form.

To understand this chapter, let's remember that Sophia was the last of the eons created by Christ-Autogenes. Who knows how many thousands or millions of years would have passed since that day. As we saw in the previous chapter, no aeon could create without its counterpart = male or female = or with the authorization of the Absolute Father = Spirit =. Perhaps Sofia, wanting to please Creation, thought that she could gestate without her counterpart or the permission of the Absolute Father, and caused a defective sub-creation. I imagine this transposed to the present, how to engender life from a clone, and this warns us of what could arise from a being without the two necessary parts. The truth is that Sofía was horrified when she saw her spawn, which was so blind in the sense of intelligence, that he denied his own mother..Yaldabaoth, unsurprisingly from a flawed eon = but equally powerful = he continued to sub-create beings in his service who were also like him.

That is to say that everything that Yaldabaoth begets has its defective gene, but at the same time the Perfect gene that Sofia confers on it when creating it, the Pure gene since the Absolute Father created everything up to her. If Yaldabaoth created 12 archons and these in turn 365 angels or entities to do this where we live, imagine what kind of entities those are ... That's why we are what we are and we have the world we have, everything is unnatural, it does not obey to normality, which is actually everything that is outside planet Earth, that is to say space, and I also add the solar system itself as a possibility. This of a Spirit trapped in the flesh is not normal, it is the fruit of a defective sub-creation. But not to get depressed, because we also have the Puro gene of Sofia and her predecessors, which is why we were not abandoned to a crazy and cruel false god, there is much up there that always helped us to get out of this atrophied massacre, among some , for example Christ. For this reason, the assembly of the sacred books does not tell us this, because this liberates us and that is what the hundreds and hundreds of beings who guard the sick creation of the Archon or the Demiurge have not wanted. Christ would not have been sent only to perform miracles for a few and for a certain time, nor to make us think that by doing a rite falsely called the Eucharist we would save ourselves, ..

Christ came to denounce the usurper, to reveal our true history, our heritage, who we are, where we have come from and where we will go. The Absolute Father did not spare resources to teach us all this, He does not need to hide anything or destroy anything, because if he had wanted to, he would have done it, quite the opposite of the anti-god that we know from the OT. Christ came to take charge of Sofía's mistake and she also tried to imitate it herself, but that ... will be a matter of future analysis. I hope you understand these concepts, if you do not want to believe them it does not matter but please ... compare and reflect. The Absolute Father does not destroy anything, not even something defective, on the other hand the other ... has destroyed what he has miscreated and has done repeatedly, but he has always failed since we are still here, it is enough to review the OT.

Think of the numbers of faulty creation and you will see that they are the numbers that rule our lives.
-12 Archons = 12 months of the year.

-365 helpers of the demiurges = 365 days of the year.

-24 elderly = 24 hours

-7 androgynous offspring designated to create = 7 planets not counting Earth = exclusive jewel of the Demiurge = and not counting Pluto, which since 2006 has ceased to be considered a planet, we then have Mercury-Venus-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus and Neptune .

-Of the 12 archons created, 5 reign in hades or hell ... 5 the demonic number of the pentagram.

What is the serious thing about being governed by numbers? If we start to spin fine, we find the answer easily, who have established 7 days for a week or 365 days for our calendar or twelve months for a year? religion and our science, that is to say, power.!, and see how they arrange the numbers to be psychic tools that even took the category of planet from Pluto so that they would be 8, like the 8 spheres of that malevolent creation.
Whether you like it or not accept it or believe it, we are children of the greatest Archon and his 12 spawns, everything created in the solar system is his property, although he did not really create it, but governed it.

But I reiterate, we are children of two branches, a weak, miserable and inferior one that is the flesh that contains our spirit, the spirit that is from the powerful, pure and superior branch, which ultimately must overcome its unnatural part by returning to our True Father the day we have to leave the body, but for that we have to reason and go through this life away from the demiurgic creations that influence us so that we are as blind as the one who sub-created us.

I would like to share with you some concepts of John Lash where he also explains, this that it is so difficult for us to understand thinking about the elements of space as Creator Gods.

Assuming the arrogant pose of a solar deity, Yaldabaoth falsely believes himself to be the only god in the entire cosmos.
Thus, for the Gnostics, it is the identification of Jaldabaoth with Jehovah of the Old Testament, a deity that suffers from this great complex of cosmic egoism, is an inevitable conclusion, prefigured in the myth of Sofia.
Being blind, he cannot perceive the Pleroma = galactic nucleus =, nor does he recognize Sophia, the cosmic current that arose from the nucleus and produced him in the first place.
He becomes capricious, puffed up with grandeur, causing Sofia to feel ashamed and want to hide him from the view of the Pleromic Aeons;

* She threw him away from her radiance, so that none among the immortals could see him ... She joined a luminous cloud with him, and placed a throne in the middle of the cloud. *
(Rev. John BG 38, 1-10)

The Aeon Sofia is that current whose impact organizes matter and produces the Archons.
This happens because Sofia acts unilaterally in her connection from the galactic center, but Sofia does not unilaterally cause the birth of the Sun. This is a continuous process, occurring in the galactic limbs, due to the physics of the limb structure itself.
In an action that can be compared to the grinding stones of a mill wheel, the galactic armor churns and refines elemental matter, constantly producing the birth of stars, the promise of new worlds of experience.
The key to the unique status of our planetary system is the convergence of the Sofia impact with the nebular ejection of a newborn star. The material of the Archons is incorporated into that vortex of material that forms around this star, and Sofia herself centrally fixes the main Archon (enthrones him) in the center of the proto-planetary disk (luminous cloud).
Ignored by Jaldabaoth, the Archons now proceed to fabricate the planetary system from the inorganic elements of which they are themselves composed. Since they have no intentionality or creative ability of their own, they can only do this by imitation.

The Apocryphon of John (II, 10, 24-25) describes how the Lord Archon;
* produced by himself cyclic worlds (orbiting bodies) from the luminous spark that still shone in the sky. *
Thus, he draws the newly born Sun into the vortex energy of the central star, to organize the swirling matter in the proto-planetary disk.
However, Jaldabaoth does not originate anything. He can only copy the Pleroma model without even knowing what he does:
* And he was surprised by his own arrogance, as he seemed to engender energy material (exousiai, authorities) from his own solitary power, but according to the patterns of the Undying Father and Absolute. And the stereoma (firmament) came into existence, corresponding to the cyclical formations of the Pleroma.
(II, 10, 26-28, and 12, 25)
Gnostic teachings constantly emphasize that Archons are imitators who cannot produce anything original, and yet they arrogantly claim that they can.
The Lord Archon is called antimimon pneuma, * counterfeit spirit * (Rev. John III, 36:17.
The term occurs several times in different texts.

The cosmos it produces is described by the Coptic term, hal, * simulation *. The vast planetary system of the Archons is a stereoma, a simulated virtual reality projection of a higher dimensional pattern.
Typically, the Arcanic structure of the planetary system has been described by * armillary bands * that surround the Earth. (Illustration by A. Cellarius, Macrocosmic Harmony, 1660). Taken by many esoteric systems (Hermetic and Rosicrucianism as the preeminent image of cosmic harmony, the model of the planetary spheres reflects an unintelligent imitation of divine design, not the living reality of the cosmos.
Yaldabaoth, the supposed almighty creator God, doesn't really create anything; instead, it copies the * archetype * patterns in the Pleroma. The planetary stereoma of its making is like a plastic copy of a shell.
Here again, the cosmic-noetic parallel applies: The Archons simulate the cosmos at large, and they also simulate the human mind. This is the key indication of its effect, a clue to its subtle intrusion tactics.

The main cosmological texts of the Nag Hamadi on the origin of the world, The Hypostasis of the Archons, and The Apocryphon of John are consistent in describing how the solar system arises as an inorganic simulation of the life pattern of the eternal Aeons, an internal vision towards the * error generation *.
such is the ignorance of the Archons that they cannot understand the living miracle of divine order, rooted in the Pleroma, even when they are imitating it.
The Archons' stereoma is truly a grandiose achievement, rather like the many-roomed Venetian palaces of a mobster lord afflicted with religious grandeur and a militaristic sense of chain of command. The Absolute Father created and ordered vast orbiting worlds, he produced heavens for each of his offspring ... beautiful dwellings, instead Yaldabaoth, produced only a glorious decoration, thrones and mansions and temples and also floats and celestial virgins ... consigning to each one its own kingdom as heaven and providing them with mighty armies of gods and commanders and messengers and watchers, in countless myriads, for all to serve and be served.

Readers familiar with the archetypal psychology of C.G. Jung will recognize in this passage all the elements of the common archetype of heaven for mainstream religions:
-celestial mansions
-celestial armies
floats in the clouds
-virgins in order
-angel choirs arranged with military precision
A stereoma loaded with religious kitsch.
If anyone needs evidence of how Archons can infect the human imagination, this is the evidence.

Anything else to add? The answers are closing every time we ask ourselves why humanity is the way it is, and the impossibility of being happy and seeing happiness around us.
Let's learn from our True Father who did not exterminate Sofia despite her mistake of creating something imperfect, let's learn from Sofia who did not exterminate her evil-created son.
Let us learn that our Divine and Pure gene does not kill, does not jealous, does not hate, does not exterminate, our genetic inheritance * corrects * and while it does it loves.
If the big blind is a very skilled copycat, shouldn't we already understand how things work?
Gnosis is not a religion, it is a knowledge that existed before religion, and reveals to us the true message of the Christ, that, you see his power over matter, that the demiurge's hosts believed that by killing his body they silenced his Truth . Well surely many of you must be afraid of just thinking that our birth is as bad and twisted as its manager is powerful, however, the power of a copycat replicator is limited. Handles the ability to invert the concepts, I always explain the same thing, the combo ..

Where there is something bad it makes us believe that it is good and where there is something good it makes us believe that it is bad, then, everything is * virtualized * as Lash says and before her, great researchers of these questions.
If someone who usurps the place that does not belong to him should reign, surely he has to invent everything he can so that we never know the Truth, so that we never know who we are, so that we never listen to the powerful and pure Spirit that dwells within us. filthy flesh. We must learn to reason intelligently friends, as if it were a mirror that returns an inverted image.
Religion as something savior has been an excellent tool to keep us plunged into the deepest ignorance to believe ourselves saved and ultimately ... to be eternal slaves of a lie.
What should save us condemns us, those who say they seek peace are those who make war, those who claim to cure us are those who make us sick ... those who govern us to give us solutions are those who give us more problems ... this same system, supposedly free and egalitarian of the internet .. submits us.

All the exploits of the system are pure propaganda to keep us paralyzed! Have you noticed? Perhaps ... haven't we all been useful idiots that instead of using things for our good we have chosen to use them for our evil? Arms fallen .. crawling steps, downcast look .. and a phrase that I can not bear anymore of anyone .. * nothing will change if everything does not burst * ... nooo !, that is the mental bacteria that the king of the I trick so that we never react ... and we accept everything .. We must be the only stupid creature that sees a tsunami coming and waits for the wave, and when it sees a lifeguard coming ... it runs away ..

They want us defeated and defeatist, fearful and surrendered, because the great imitator is fearful and jealous ... haven't you noticed yet? the fear and panic that he has before his True Superiors wanted to transfer it to us ... how?, making us believe that a couple of dolls like Adam and Eve were to blame for all the evils in this world ... when in reality The only guilt we have is the one that he transferred to us from his own guilt, when the kingdom of the Higher saw the abortion that Sophia had unintentionally created ... He is the system, forget the idiotic theories for infants, illuminattis, masons And from conspiracies, he wants us to be distracted by comics for the brainless and never be able to find out because when the gospel is known around the world its end is sealed. Gospel .... something twisted from the death of the body of Jesus to postpone in-eternum the lie that continues to bind us to matter.

We must wake up, listen to the Spirit friends ... because it is the beautiful and blessed gene that Father and Barbelo left us when they created the Christ. We are heirs of good ... of Truth, of happiness, of love ... let's not let a weak and mean imitator dominate us ... our flesh is mortal because the imitator never wanted our Spirit to escape ... because he fears him, because it bends it, because it shows it.
The more Spirits are recognized within each one, the less power the Demiurge has, that is why he hates free souls and harasses them with thoughts, which are not just thoughts but his androgynous creations! Friends must be awakened, our destiny is pure and lofty! We are not this jailer body like the solar system, we are the free cosmos, we are everything, we belong to the Father.

Let's listen to the Pure Spirit, no church, no sect or teaching, or anything is needed ..., no one has to be paid because pay is a tool of evil to prostitute our Spirit ... it's free friends! ... we all have it inside ... even if we don't see it ... and it's more powerful than any faulty imitation.
There in no might or power except God the Allmighty
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