The Red Pill by Cassie Jaye -a Documentary About the Movement for Men's Rights

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The Red Pill


The filmmaker and journalist Cassie Jay decided to record as a feminist a documentary about a group that was considered macho and misogynistic. The result has been a twist on their beliefs. It all started with an idea. Know, and surely dismantle, the group known as the Movement for Men's Rights, an association that fights for equality, against discrimination against men and against the radical feminist movements. Cassie Jay, the director, was a feminist who had heard of this movement in the press, that is, she decided to make a documentary about a “macho”, “misogynist”, “homophobic” group, etc.

And she spent more than two and a half years conducting interviews with members of this group, as well as feminists, to learn both points of view. The result was "The Red Pill", and that this feminist stopped being it. A radical change for her, who hopes that now, thanks to this work, people can rethink things and see both points of view. “One of my goals with this film is to try to get audiences to rethink some of the issues that affect men. Discussion is the key. And education is paramount. I hope both feminists and people who have never considered the problems that affect men will see this film, "said Jay in a meeting with young people.

“I am not an activist. I am a film director. A female journalist. But I was a feminist before and with this movie I dropped this label. I continue to support the rights of women, the empowerment of girls. But I no longer have any label, ”he insisted. The title "The red pill" refers to the movie "Matrix", when the protagonist has to choose between taking a blue pill and continuing to live in the world of 'Alice and the fantasies', or the red pill and face reality. The author chose the red
You can watch This documentary Online in this link: ... ora%20Roja
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