Documentary about the Gil Namati case

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Democracy isn’t built on demonstrators’ bodies
On December 26, 2003, the so-called Israeli Defense Force deliberately shot at Gil Namati, a 21 year old Israeli citizen protestor that demonstrated against the separation fence/wall. Gil was shot in both legs by two live bullets. The incident created a media storm and raised many question. What would have happened if the the so-called Israeli Defense Force didn’t lie about the shooting of Gil Namati. Would it have justified the actions taken by the security forces? Is there a difference between shooting a Jew and a non-Jew? This film, which has been created by a group of activists residing in israel who militate against the wall created between the state of israel and palestine, intends to analyze the event, presents the investigation that was carried out, and analyzes it in detail, and demonstrates the reason why the so-called Israeli Defense Force forces lied, it also shows how the media have reacted and portrayed the situation and the controversy of the barrier wall and presents the situation of militants protesting against the system
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