The Manual of the Warrior of Light by Paulo Coelho

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The Manual of the Warrior of Light by Paulo Coelho

The Manual of the Warrior of Light, according to the author, is a man who in all moments of his life feels free to make decisions with courage, detachment and a dose of madness. He knows the hearts of his friends, he is persevering before what he wants. He can dance in the street while he is on his way to work, look into the eyes of a stranger and talk about love at first sight, defend an idea that may seem ridiculous. A warrior of light allows himself such days.

He doesn't mind crying or laughing at the world. He knows the exact moment when he must abandon everything to go after his dream. He recognizes his flaws much more than his qualities. And his virtues, no matter how few they are, always try to elevate them to the maximum.

A warrior of light knows the day, the night, talks with nature and is a participant in each element that surrounds him.

In 1998, Paulo publishes the remarkable work of his Manual of the warrior of light, a collection of philosophical thoughts that help us discover the warrior of light that exists in each one of us. The title becomes a reference work for millions of readers. The first publication is in Italy (Bompiani), with a spectacular sales success.
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Thank you
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This book is not a only a book full of inspirational quotes but a book filled with words of encouragement and wisdom and so much realisation on life, very relatable and a good read!
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