The Journey of Socrates

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An inspirational tale that tells the incredible life story of Sergei Ivanov, known as Socrates, a sage whose wisdom was destined to change the lives of not only author Dan Millman but also the countless readers of his first book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior.In the heart of Tsarist Russia in 1872, an orphaned boy of Jewish and Cossack descent seeks to find his place in the world. The Journeys of Socrates is an odyssey of courage and love, revealing how a boy became a man, a man became a warrior, and how a warrior found peace.Dan Millman first described the wise enigmatic man he called Socrates in Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Now, in telling the life story of that old service station mechanic, Dan reveals universal truths about all our lives and reminds us of a courage and love as strong and ancient as the roots of the world. From tales of life at a Russian military school to the flight of a fugitive, survival in the wilderness to marriage and the search for family, The Journeys of Socrates is full of tragedy, triumph and hard-earned wisdom from the soul of a peaceful warrior.

When I read this book it inspired me in many ways first of all how a boy grew up in in a harsh way the more trials and tribulations you are given it is god making you stronger and showing us how much he loves us. As he grew up he learnt many things finding himself with inner peace but it was not that easy what I learnt from this book was that this was the battle of the self he had gone through so much things which either made him or broke him. In this life you can either choose to live in the moment and make each day amazing or the opposite depressing and feeling regretful.
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