Aleph by Paulo Coelho

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In Aleph Paulo Coelho makes a journey of almost ten thousand kilometers on the Trans-Siberian train, from Moscow to Vladivostok. There he will test his own reactions that will show him a way to relate to himself and the people around him. Along with Hilal, a violinist who goes in search of the Brazilian author and with whom she achieves a particular connection; and Yao, his interpreter.

Paulo will experience the Aleph experience, the point where all the energy of the Universe is concentrated, where past, present and future are found, and through which he will be able to remember past lives and discover a new form of love that will allow him to approach the inner peace starting a new life.
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Thankyou for posting this. Will be reading this next InshaaAllah!
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Very good read.

The book deals with reincarnation in the Quran and Tao Te Ching is also mentioned. When I was reading it all sort of different topics that I was studying recently came together in some sort of synchronicity.
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