The Silva Mind Control Method by Jose Silva

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The Silva Method is a method of self-help and mental development devised by José Silva that claims to improve IQ and develop mental skills such as clairvoyance or healing. Silva devised a heterogeneous method that mixed from memorization techniques based on Harry Lorayne's books, to creative visualization exercises inspired by authors such as the French occultist Ophiel or the North American William Walker Atkinson (Yogui Ramacharaka).

The courses of the Silva Method of Mind Control consist of simple exercises that, according to its creator, serve to get into a state of deep relaxation, and from that mental level (alpha waves) self-program to achieve personal improvement. Its critics consider that its neuroscientific foundations are completely wrong.

It is a course that aims to:

Control negative stress and improve rest.
Improve intellectual performance, study ability and concentration.
Improve positive attitude and effectiveness at work.
Increase imagination and creativity to solve problems.
Improve health, self-esteem, self-confidence and will power to control habits.
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