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Asalaam Alikum my brothers and sisters

Allahuma sali Ala Muhammad wa ale Muhammad al aimata wal maydeeyen was salim taslimeen kathira

I rarely post anything on the forums, but i lurk every single day to catch up with whats going on in the world. Since many of you guys accept the dawah of Imam Ahmed al Hassan(as) i come to this forum because you guys are reliable in many matters. Any way the reason I am posting this message is because recently i had a very close friend of mine who messaged me saying this, and this is a part of the message "nevermind you did the right thing i'll as ALLAH can i intercede for you live in peace where ever you are the kafirun took mecca anyone apart of this plan knows i'm the mahdi no doubting allah or you go to hell." :wtf: that's just part of the message i couldn't post the whole thing because he makes some vulgar comments before making this claim. Of course i messaged him back telling him to take back what he said and come back of the straight path. This friend of mine wasn't born Muslim, he converted about 4-5 years ago. Which is why his recent claims saddened me. After i found out about the call of Imam Ahmed al Hassan(as) i went and told this friend of mine and he was thinking about accepting the dawah of the Imam(as), sadly he ended on the other side. I'm sharing this story as a reminder of the crazy world we live in. This was a close friend of mine who i cared for deeply and now hes just another number in the growing number of dajjals(la). Which is just a further proof of the times we are living in right now. If you guys have any questions please feel free to ask. I dont want to write all the proofs or reasons why he is not the Imam Mahdi(as) as it will make this post really long, but if you guys have questions i will try my best to answer. Take care fellow ansars and ansaris areound the world.
Asalaam Alikum
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