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By Kevin
can I get the link to this document please[/quote]

Here it is bro...

Al Haft al Shareef by Mufaddal

Also, beautifully presented in the 2nd Semester of TADS, starting with episode 115...

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By zizzou
Thank you for posting the video link.
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By Eesa
zizzou wrote:Salaam, I have a question I was hoping somone could answer. Inshallah maybe Brother Abdullah or someone else who would has knowledge regarding this issue.

Okay so we all know the Story of Cain and Abel. But some people ask was Cain Adam's son or Shaytans? It is very obvious that Cain's seed is the seed of disbelivers. But does he have to have Shaytans blood to be a disbeliever? When Eve eats the fruit from the forbidden tree, some people argue that this tree was that of sexual knowledge and that Eve had laid with Shaytan and thus been impregated with his son. Astakfirullah I know this sounds blasphemous but bear with me.

Chapter 5 Verse 27
"And recite to them the story of Adam's two sons, in truth, when they both offered a sacrifice [to Allah ], and it was accepted from one of them but was not accepted from the other. Said [the latter], "I will surely kill you." Said [the former], "Indeed, Allah only accepts from the righteous [who fear Him]."

Why does Allah refuse Cain's sacrifice? Is it because he is unpure?

We know that there are two seedlines. So the question is how did this come to be.
Comments brothers and sisters!

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem
Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen

The Enlightening Answers Across the Ether, question 125
How did the sons of the prophet Adam multiply?

With Sheik Sabr comments, by brother Joseph

Were they married to the women of paradise, while Allah said, He created you from one soul? And the women of paradise are not from the soul of Adam, so how was the beginning of the human lineage?

The answer
In the Name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful

The answer is present in Allegories part 4, so review it. As was narrated in the traditions, Abel married a woman from paradise, and Kane married a jinn, it is an indication towards the righteousness of the wife of Abel and her spiritual elevation with the women of paradise. And it is also an indication, that the wife of Kane is a lowly woman, her soul is lowly like the Jinn, and their condition was one in regards to foolishness and ignorance.

And we shall now return to Allegories to talk about this in detail. Why was it that Kane killed Abel?
Question 125, page 192 in Allegories.
So why did Kane kill Abel and is it true that Adam wanted to marry each one of them to the twin of the other, so Kane refused? So Adam commanded them to offer an offering in order to make sure of this matter?

So the general understanding that the people have except the few Allah had mercy on, believe that Adam gave birth to male twins and female twins, and that this brother marries this sister, and this brother marries this sister. So based on this understanding, it means that all the sons of Adam are out of haram and based on incest and God Forbid.

Let us look now to the Sayyid Al Yamani a.s. where he said, in this matter, meaning the matter of the lineage, there is much confusion and there is much he said and she said, and the truth is that Allah has made the marriage of incest haram in the mother of the book. And of course the incest we know that it is the womb and what comes out of it, the mother and the father, what came out of them has been placed in the womb of the mother, so what came out of the womb of the mother, so the daughter of the man is from his womb. The brothers and sisters of a man come from the same womb, and as such the layers, the first layer is the fathers and the sons.

So for example my fathers, my grandmother, my great grandmother, all that....that is all my womb, and my children, daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters, this entire circle is haram to marry from. So here in the mother of the Book, it is an absolute haram and all the jurisprudences and divine book has the forbidding of the marriage in incest.
And in the jurisprudence of Adam is the same, it has in it the issue of haram to marry in incest, these are general rules that cannot be violated.

So the issue of marriage of the sons of Adam are as such. Eve gave birth from her marriage with Adam to Kane first, and then she gave birth to Abel. So Kane was the oldest and Able was the second, then Kane got married to a woman who Allah created especially for him, and she was lowly. The wife of Kane was a bad woman and the wife of Abel, Allah also created for him and she was a pious woman. And these two wives were created in the same matter that Allah created Adam and Eve before that, meaning that Allah created two wives for Kane and Abel by His ability. So the wife of Kane and the wife of Abel are two creations created by the ability and power of Allah in the same manner as Allah created Adam and Eve.

Then Allah commanded Adam that he appoint his vicegerent Abel (as), but when Kane found out that Adam was going to appoint Abel, he objected to this appointment. So Adam told him Kane, this choice is from Allah and not from me, do not be upset. So here Kane was the first one who rejected the vicegerent of Adam (as), the divine appointment from Allah. So Adam commanded them that they make an offering for Allah (swt), and he told them that the one whose offering is accepted, they would be vicegerent. So Abel offered a fat lamb or sheep, and Kane offered some dried out wheat, because Abel was a sheppard, so he offered the best thing that he had, while Kane (la) was a farmer and he brought forth the worst of his crops.
So what happened? The offering of Abel was accepted and the fire ate it up, so the envy enflamed inside of Kane when he saw this take place.

Look at the chest of the human being, how it is a hellfire, he is making for himself the hellfire of the hereafter. This envy and anger in the heart of Kane against Abel caused him to go forth and kill Abel, and Abel was the first vicegerent and prophet ever to be killed. And the shaytan whispered to him (la) and inspired him saying, why don't you kill your brother, and his own ego and self and “I” that commanded evil inclined to this offer of Iblis, so Kane went forth and killed Abel out of absolute jealousy, because he is the vicegerent of Adam.

So the promise of iblis leading mankind astray became a reality in the first vicegerent, and so Kane was led astray by Iblis, and all of a sudden he became infected by the disease of Iblis, and that is the disease of pride and ego, and one of the things that accompanies iblis and pride, is envy.

As for the rest of the seed, verily when this happened, Abel's wife was pregnant and she gave birth to a male. And Adam also gave birth to Seth, these are the first generation of Adam (as). So here the two wives of Seth and the other son were also created by Allah (swt), here the two wives were pious wives. Here we have four male sons of Adam, Abel, Kane, Sheth, Yatith. All of their wives were created by Allah in the same manner as Adam and Eve, by His ability.

Abel was killed, his wife was pregnant with a son, Sheth after marriage his wife gave birth to a male and female, Yathith's wive gave birth to a female, so the son of Abel married the daughter of Sheth, and the son of Sheth married the daughter of Yathith, and from them came out the seed. So the wife of Sheth gave birth to a male and female and the wife of Yathtih gave birth to a femal, the son of Abel married the daughter of Sheith, and the son of Sheth married the dauther of Yathtith, and here the lineage comes out from.

And this is the truth about the matter of lineage and everything else is falsehood, and any talk after this clarification is lying upon Allah and His Messenger. Those saying they inter-breeded etc etc....they are a liar.

The Sayyid a.s. is saying what has been narrated in the traditions, Abel married a woman from paradise and Kane married a Jinn, it is an indication towards the piety of the wife of Abel and her spiritual rise in degrees to where her soul was with the women of paradise, it doesnt mean she herself is one, but her soul and self is pure, she raised in the worship of Allah, until she reached the level of being like the women of paradise. As for the cursed wife of Kane, it is an indication that this woman was lowly, and her soul was down in the levels of the Jinn, and she was in the same condition of foolishness and ignorance. The wife of Kane is evil, so when we say she is a jinn, it is true because she is a jinn from the spiritual, not that she is in the physical, as such when we say that the wife of Abel is a woman of paradise, it is because her soul raised to the levels and ranks of the women of Paradise, not that she is from them in her physical and Essence.

Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa Aale Muhammad al A'Emma, wal Madiyeen, wa Salam Tasleeman Katheera
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By zizzou
Very interesting.
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By abbas010101
dose any one know where i can download the manuscript of mufaddal ibn umar cause i really want 2 read it if u can put up a link or u can show me how i an get 2 it
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