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By dawnoftheage
This dream took place approximately 5 months after accepting the dawah of Imam Ahmed Al Hasan a.s. so i was already an ansar and had no doubt about it, i was still in the UK at the time and then made hijra to Egypt later that year in November 2011, it wasn't until the following year 2012 when the Hawza of Imam Mahdi a.s. was established that i learn`t from the knowledge of our Imam a.s.. that Ali Is the Rahmaan in the Bismillah, subhanAllah. Of course there was a purpose to the request made in my dream, InshaAllah it serves as a witness statement to those who have still not believed in the Divine call that Ahmed Al Hasan a.s. is the hujjah upon the earth, messenger of The Mahdi a.s. himself.

Allah Humma Sali Ala Mohammed Wa Alh Mohohammed Al A`ima Wal Mahdiyeen Wa Salim Tasleema Katheera

God bless you both
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By Mahdi-Ahmad
Allah SWT save and reward you and all ansars in hereafter for your works for the Call.

Inshallah Allah SWT will help those who still does not believe in the DAAWA as we are getting close to the Appearance of Imam Mahdi A.S. (so many signs around)!

Fi Aman Allah
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By dawnoftheage
Ameen to your duah`s may Allah reward you too :)

Fi Amaan Illah
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By dawnoftheage
Alhamdulilah may Allah bless you :)

Imam Al-Retha (pbuh) said:

“In the mornings of the Messenger of Allah (pbuhap), he would ask
his companions, ‘Are there any good tidings?’ Meaning the visions.”

{Al-Dorr Al-Manthoor Vol 3 page 312, Bihar Al-Anwar Vol 85 page 192, Mizan Al-Hekma Vol 2page 1010}
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