Here you can listen to the noble quran whenever you like
Now ranked third on the play store in the apps developed by QuranReadingTM, this app is a convenience to Muslims all over the world. Offering the Holy Quran in the palm of their hands and occupying very little internal memory. Various features of this app are:

Download Quran Recitation With English Translation - Android


1. Audio Recitation:
Earn sawab (reward) or correct your pronunciation by listening to the Quran recitation of any surah. You can also enable ‘transliteration’ in settings to know the correct way of pronouncing.

2. Search bar:
Search directly for a surah from the main page by entering the name or part of a name of a surah.

3. ‘Go to’
Jump directly to an ayah when you’re reading a surah instead of scrolling down all the way.

Bookmarks an ayah of any surah by simply long pressing it, the bookmarks are saved in the bookmarks button right next to the search bar and in the settings page (accessed by swiping left).

5. View stop signs and Sajood places
Swipe to the left and tap on the ‘stop signs’ to view the stop signs and learn their use. Similarly, the various sajdah points in the Holy Quran can also be viewed as a list on taping the ‘sajdahs’ button.

6. Daily Notification
Get daily notifications for reading a surah especially those which earn us more reward if read on a specific day; for example, Surah Al-Kahf on jummah.

7. Theme Changer
Access the theme changer in the settings page and change the font size and sylee to your convenience.

8. Multilingual translation
Default translation language is Urdu but you can choose a different language from a selection of different languages and make this Quran appear with English translation as the default language.

Benefit from this great Islamic app by installing it on your smartphone and thus, make Quran reading/recitation more convenient.
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