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A salam u alaikum brothers and sisters,

First: *warning* What you are about to watch will probably effect you for the rest of your life (it has me), my heart is still hurting from this. We all hear the stories of these things, but now its finally been proven beyond all doubt.

These videos have just been leaked of 2 children sharing in graphic detail their experiences with a Satan worshiping cult. The accused are police , social services, children's services, school teachers including the head teacher, parents, starbucks and McDonald's owners, workers - a huge organization - may Allah curse these people with his most awesome curse, and i ask Allah to separate us from them as he separated the east from the west.


(youtube vid wont embed so if someone could fix that for me, jazakAllah)

Please be prepared to be shocked...

Here are the rest of the videos. ... sp=sharing

i live literally 15 mins drive from this area. It is a very affluent area, full of tv personalities, elites and the very rich, oh and it is a very heavily Jewish populated area!!!

i have no words, just sadness. I just hope beyond all hope, it is now, in these 'very' days, that the imam a.s will emerge and bring justice to this foul world.

Please share your thoughts...and please report this to all authorities, media outlets etc and dont let this be brushed under the carpet like so many other cases. They have already started with their cover up!!!


Edit: forgot to mention the children's own dad is the ring leader.
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