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This article was posted by The Vigilant Citizen, looking over the symbolisms on the front page cover of the Economist: ... edictions/

"The Economist is not a random newspaper that publishes quirky 2015 predictions to sell a few additional copies. It is directly connected to those who shape global policies and who make sure that they are applied. The publication is partly owned by the Rothschild banking family of England and its editor regularly attends Bilderberg meetings. In other words, The Economist is connected to those who have the means and the power to make “predictions” a reality."
-Journalist for The Vigilant Citizen

Many of us have believed for a long time that the world is about to change, many of us believe that in 2015, something big is going to happen... so far, just 12 days in, almost 4 million protested in France against "terrorism", creating such a high-pressure tension across the world; though what happened in France was unfortunate and innocent civilians died, it has overshadowed so much. Overshadowed a slaughter and massacre that took place, where almost 2,000 were killed in Nigeria and strangely enough, there is something in this article which points to Nigeria this year... so it may not be the end of the suffering being seen there, which many neglect to even recognize it anyway. Overshadowed countless thousands killed, tortured, raped and suffering in Syria and Iraq; overshadowed all those suffering in Palestine... overshadowed all those suffering in South Sudan... overshadowed militarization, millions of refugees who have been forced out of their homes and lost forever in uninhabitable camps, dying of cold and disease and hunger, overshadowed unusual anomalies, overshadowed Ukraine, overshadowed the impending financial collapse, overshadowed the TPP, overshadowed the sick and detested lengths that people go to these days; overshadowing and overshadowing and overshadowing.


It's not even about fighting for freedom anymore, the freedom is gone in one way or another, it has been for some time... that's not what this is about, it's about reading the news every day and wondering just what happened? Are we really that evil... that corrupt, that inhumane? And for anyone who believes that any of this is outside their ability to make change, do we really still live by some deep internal mechanism, where anything outside of our known circle doesn't matter anymore? When and how and where do they determine that the life of one person or creation is more valuable than another and how could the masses allow that to happen? :suck:

Yes, many are "awake" and "know everything" that is going on :thumbup: yet it is going on and it will continue to go on. It's sad really, all of it. :thumbdown:

Truth is... the world has been falling apart for a very long time, these days science and technology is advancing in ways we could never have imagined, I can't even believe all the things they are doing now, far greater even than some of the science fiction movies portrayed when we were younger; where at the same time, humanity as a whole is not advancing in the least bit, even in our modern advancements and advantages over our predecessors, we are only moving more quickly to complete destruction from all sides and angles. :wall:

The world is on the brink of such unimaginable and great disaster, that any one of us could go to sleep and wake up and everything will be changed forever... and it will be; with so many possibilities that it will be, it's too early in the morning to even try to imagine the consequences and extreme suffering of it all. :wtf:

But there is always hope... there is always hope.
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