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By Mahdi-Ahmad
Salam wa ra wa ba

I just found a book by David Icke titled as "the biggest secret" link to download:" "

Do not have much Idea of the author but seems to be a good book. if anyone has comment or know this book PLS leave a note here..

Fi Aman Allah
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By AngelofAllah
Waleikum Salaam,

InshaAllah, look him up. He is one of the bests, similar to Alex Jones in terms of exposing the elite and the most "powerful" people out there. He is well known for bringing up the claim of a George Washington statue being similar to the image of the demonic faun idol Baphomet.
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By Eesa
AsSalamu Alaikum

One should be careful when listening and accepting words of a man other than infallible, for intention behind those words is unknown to us.

David Icke says he is the son of God
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