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By merkutinaa
If all laws of life are governed by the Quran? it wrong to be a lawyer? I'm going to be one, so just wondering. No plans on being a criminal or corporate lawyer, so chances of corruption(on my part atleast) are very less. But if a client wants to sue someone for spilling coffee on them, would advising that person on how to do so be wrong?? Isn't that aiding a person to be greedy?
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By jurojanosik
Yesterday i watched the lecture of Abdullah and Joe about whether it is allowed to work in civil jobs. The question posted by merkutinaa concerns me because i work as a trainee lawyer. At the moment i live in Slovakia. The government here is not outright tyranical but it is highly corrupt and people have hard time seeking justice in their matters. Most of the time i deal with the civil cases. Only today i came back from the court proceeding which was adjourned due to the absence of certain document. If judge looked at the case a day in advanced, we wouldn't even have to go to court for nothing today. Apathy is enormous, humanity of judges long gone and im not gonna even talk about personal responsibility, sense of duty and corruption.

IMHO i think it is not permissible to work as a lawyer because one still has to turn to the system. Even if one is helping clients who were wronged and trough legal means is seeking to set things right for them, one is giving legitimity to the system as such. I might be wrong. Maybe other brothers or sisters could bring more clarity to the issue.

In the Divine state where laws are set by Allah swt. the situation would be different of course.
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By jurojanosik
Also, as a client wants to sue someone for spilling a coffee, and a lawyer is helping him with his lawsuit, they are both satisfied with the state's status quo and they are wishing for it's existence in order to get damages from/through the state's judicial system which is not permissible.
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