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By ansar313
Salaamulaqum Wa RahmatAllah Wa Barakatu,

Oh AnsarAllah, do not be late in obeying the Imam a.s.!

Ahmed Al Hasan a.s. says the following for those who are late:

"And there is no doubt that the biography of the Prophets and Messengers is a Hujjah (a proof) which no other proof can beat, and the command of Allah, The Glorified, The Exalted, of Jihad and Fighting for His sake in order to raise(uphold) His Word, and all what the Prophets and Messengers brought forth, is a proof which no other proof can beat. Thus whoever is LATE for [obeying] the command of Allah, The Glorified, The Exalted, has neither an excuse nor [someone to excuse him] remaining. And what remains for whoever denies the command of Allah, The Glorified, The Exalted, is nothing but to be called a Kafir (a disbeliever). So in which talk after Allah, and His signs, and the biography of His Prophets, and His Messengers do you believe?"

Ahmed Al Hassan a.s. regarding DEFENDING the shrine of Al Hassan a.s.:
"Why do you not DEFEND the shrine of al-Hassan bin Ali, may the prayers of Allah be upon him? Why do you not demand its reconstruction after it was demolished by the Wahhabis, the enemies of the progeny of Muhammad, of Muhammad and of Allah? Is there not an authentic narration for you saying that al-Hassan bin Ali is the master of the youth of the people of paradise? So why do you not defend him and condemn that his shrine remains demolished to this very day? What will you say to the Messenger of Allah on the Day of Resurrection, when he asks you how you acted toward his progeny after him?"

The Imam clearly says to work within the framework of the laws to establish truth, so the enemy has no reason to harm you. This is clearly going on in Iraq today, The Army Unit of the Imam is working within the framework of law of the country in order to establish truth. AlhamdudAllah wa Rabel Alameen!

The Imam says:
"Work within the framework of the laws and regulations of the country which you are in and do not go outside of the law so that you do not give your enemy an opportunity to harm you."-Ahmed Al Hasan a.s.

The Imam does what he says…did the Imam a.s. Not educate the divine community by providing proofs and rational warnings? Did he not provide the community his last audio/visual presentation? And then through power? Of course he did:

Imam Ahmed Al Hassan's a.s words:
"While the truth is that the soldiers of Satan have declared war on the soldiers of Allah and on the divine culture, which is based on the presence of the Successor of Allah on His earth. For they, according to their democracy, see and decide that the Ruling of Imam Al-Mahdi, Upon him Peace, and Jesus, Upon him Peace, and Elijah, Upon him Peace, is equal to that of the Ruling of Sadam, Curse of Allah Upon him, for verily, all of it, in their eyes, is dictatorship. Thus, there is no way to establish the supremacy of Allah except through educating the divine communities and then through power. "

The Banner the Imam is speaking about below is the Banner he has raised, the banner which states: "The Army Unit of AlQaem".

Imam Ahmed Al Hasan's words:
"Consequently, the human being should beware of the Fitna (Sedition) [against] Allah and should strive with his self and obey/follow the Successor of Allah on His Earth, otherwise the fire [is his abode]. For there is no Jihad, except, under the BANNER of the Guardian of Allah and His Successor on His Earth. And for those who claim to strive (al-Jihad) while requesting martyrdom under a Banner other than the Banner of the Successor of Allah on His Earth, verily, they are rushing killed people in this world and killed people in the Hereafter"

My words according to the Imams obligatory request to AnsarAllah:
The Imam a.s. is currently making it obligatory to engage in Jihad under his banner and only his banner. No other banner. Please take heed!!

The Imam mentions Unity with the community in time of combat and supports it with a verse from the Quran!!!:

"Unity is necessary for any combatant community, or else division/separation in the fighting community will inevitably result in defeat.
{And obey Allah and His Messenger, and do not dispute for then you will be weak in hearts and your power will depart, and be patient; surely Allah is with the patient} [Surat Al-Anfal 8:46]"

"Meaning, that there shouldn't be in the community a large number of hypocrites in a way that would affect the Community of Faith in a manner that would lead to its total deviation, especially during times of a FIGHTING encounter in striving for the sake of Allah and raising(upholding) His Word. Or that there may be a number of believers who are conscious of the notion of the Islamic Revolution, dominating over the Community of Faith which is APPROVING of them, and that is through presenting the truth in a thoughtful/serious way, and INTRODUCING the Community of Faith to the Truth and its people. And by that, the danger of hypocrisy becomes [lesser/easier to control] by the awareness about the Truth and its people by many of those in the Community of Faith, thus total deviation does not take place because of hypocrisy and its people. But of course, this does not exist because of the existence of division/separation, and the domination of falsehood, and the fewness of people of Truth."-Ahmed Al Hassan a.s.

Who is to say that the innocent children and men whom are on the religion of truth are not to be defended?!
The Imam a.s said:
"It is the fight of the believers and defense of the the land, whom its people are on the religion of truth, when this land is attacked by the disbelievers and the polytheists. And all the divine religions permit the defensive Jihad, rather, make it obligatory on all the believers. Rather, it is an innate and instinctive matter, even so for the animals, for they defend their nests, and their dens, and their holes."

Do not Judge the Imam!!
Imams words:
So those are the ones who give a  judgement which opposes the ordainment/judgement of Allah. The ones who belie/disbelieve in the judgement of Allah and the Command of Allah. And they are the ones who will belie/disbelieve in the Qa’im (pbuh), and who will not have faith in him. For verily, they desire that he comes according to their judgement, not according to what Allah (swt) has ordained/judged

Imam a.s. also said:
"the prayers and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, the Imams and Mahdis. The vicegerents of Allah are known by the decisive proof, which is the text. And we have clarified the details of this issue in the Will of the Messenger of Allah pbuhap, and how it is a proof for the vicegerents of Allah mentioned therein, once they simply claim to be the ones mentioned in it. This is because it is described as a book that prevents misguidance for whoever hangs on to it. Therefore, it is reasonably a necessity for Allah to protect it until its rightful owner claims it and its purpose is fulfilled, which is the prevention from misguidance for the one hanging on to it. And the proof and vicegerency of the first Mahdi, the Yamani, was proven by his claiming it"

"The will is a letter that protects you from misguidance (or going astray), and it is not claimed by other than its owner."-Ahmed Al Hassan a.s.

The Imam spoke of Sheikh Hamami long ago, we have no need for another clarification!:

I say this so that everyone knows that my previous and future words are not directed to people like this cleric, may Allah support him, or those who do not fight the call of truth. Rather, our words are directed to the non-working clerics and scholars who fight the truth and who insist upon the falsehood they are in, even after we clarified its falsehood for them with a complete refutation that they are unable to negate."

And unfortunately, yesterday I received the response of the clerics, which was to arrest the pure sayyid Hassan al-Hamami, the son of the deceased cleric Muhammad Ali al-Hamami, may Allah have mercy upon him, and the arrest of sheikh Kathem al-Nasiri in al-Najaf. And it did not help sayyid Hassan al-Hamami that he is the son of a cleric from the most well-known clerics of the Shia and that his grandfather is also from the well-known clerics of the Shia. And it did not help sayyid Hassan al-Hamami that he used to be the imam of the prayer held in the shrine of Imam Ali pbuh, and it did not help sayyid Hassan al-Hamami that he is from the clerics of the Shia and that he had an open reception to teach the sciences of the Hawza and to support the poor and the students of the Hawza in front of the shrine of Imam Ali pbuh. And it did not help sayyid Hassan al-Hamami that he is elderly and ill. This is how the pure and honorable sayyid is arrested one time after another, only because he believed that Ahmad al-Hassan is true. Otherwise, what is the guilt of sayyid Hassan al-Hamami who supports the poor and does not commit aggression against anyone? Do you accuse him of being guilty in order that he be sent to jail every now and then? I swear by Allah, what you are doing with the pure sayyid Hassan al-Hamami will soon be a great disgrace upon your heads.

Remember do not be late!
My Salaams
The Facebook Imam very proudly posted the application form of Muhammad Ismail brother of Imam Ahmed Alhassan a.s. which says that he served in the military for 19 years etc.
imam's brother military .jpg ... =1&theater

Now let's see what Imam Ahmed Alhassan a.s. says in the book The Calf:
"Perhaps one of their reasons to distort is their fear from the ruling tyrant, so they issue Fatwas in order to please him and to avoid clashing with him, for example they issue Fatwa that it is permissible to join his Armed Forces, whose main mission is to strike the Islamic populations and to weaken the religion of Allah in His land and to destroy it if possible". End of quote.

Now this is how the real Imam Ahmed Alhassan a.s. described the Armed Forces or the Army or the Military (whatever you want to call it) of the tyrannical governments. Enough said. Do justice to yourselves O Ansar of Allah and contemplate over what's going on with the Facebook Imam and his office, and what the real Imam Ahmed Alhassan a.s. said in his book, and the contradictions shall be so clear for you.
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