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The Prayer Guide has been revised, refer to the Change Log on Page 58.

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Salam Aleykum,

In the prayer pdf document:

"Then look towards your right hand and say the Tasleem; “AsSalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatu”, recommended to say x1 Tasleem while pointing your eyes the right and x1 Tasleem while pointing your eyes to the left (your head should not move)"

On facebook jurisprudence group :

Malakoot Alsamawat said: Q/ What is the sunna in tasleem?

A/ The mustahab in tasleem: that the one who is praying makes one tasleem towards the Qiblah, and makes a gesture with the tip of his eyes towards the right side. The Imam makes tasleem with the side of his face and so does the one praying behind him, and if someone was on his left side, he makes a gesture with the side of his face with another tasleem too towards his left side.

-ahkam Alsharai p/78

This matter is not clear, can you try to get the information as exactly what is wajib to do/say and what is mustahab to do/say during tasleem, 1) when praying alone 2) when praying in group (in all position, imam, top left in rank, top right in rank, in the middle of the rank... I mean some say 1 taslim, some say 2, some say 3... some say move the head except during first, some say make 2 takbir but don't move the head... etc.


In the prayer pdf document:

Go down to Sujood/prostration, place your forehead on the “Turba”, then say 1, 3 or 5 (odd) number of times; “Subhanna Rabiyal A‘alaa Wa bihamdih”, now raising up to the standing position by using your hands as support, say “Bi Hawlilaahi Wa Quwatihi Aqumu Wa Aq’Ud Wa Arka’U Wa Asjud” (Sunnah)

Are you sure there is no takbir just before raising up? I find it strange, for example if you pray in group and the imam raise up without saying a word?

Thank you for your help

Fi Amani Allah


I will look into what you explained. To keep matters simple, the prayer guide itself was produced out of necessity due to the lack of any guide for prayer in English, and thus it was produced and mainly focused on an individuals prayer, and with indications towards the group aspect of prayer where needed.
Walykum Salam wr wb,

In the book The Wilderness or the Path to Allah p. 43 by Imam Ahmad al Hassan (as) there came:

''And do some of the favored prayers, especially Salat al-Ghufaylah, and the night prayer (Salatul Layl), do not ever leave it for its reward is great, and it is eight rakat and the two rakat of al-Shafa and the one rakat of al-Witir, after each two rakat you say salam, just like the morning prayer except for the rakat of al-Witir,
as it is only one rakat. And you can just pray the two rakat of al-Shafa and the rakat of al-Witir. And it is narrated that whoever wakes before al-Fajr prayer and
prays al-Witir and the Nafila of al-Fajr, which is two rakat before al-Fajr prayer, will be rewarded with the reward of the night prayer, so do not miss your chance.''

The Prayer Guide has been revised, refer to the Change Log on Page 64.

Minor Corrections, please delete previous versions.

Page 8 Term corrected- corrected intention during hands
Page 12 Term corrected- After the process of child bearing if bleeding occurred.

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