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Shabth bin Rab'i, Ash'ath bin Qays al Kindi, Jarir bin Abdullah and Umro Ibn Huraith
These four people are the biggest hypocrites:

Ash'ath bin Qais AlKindi=his son Qais was among the killers of Hussain a.s. in Karbala and Imam Ali pbuh said to him: Upon you is the curse of Allah and the curse of the ones who curse.....hypocrite son of kaffir.
Tasneef Nahj AlBalagha/222
تصنيف نهج البلاغة / 222

His mosque is a cursed mosque and its forbidden to pray in it and its in Kufa.

His daughter poisoned Imam Hasan pbuh

Shabath ibn Ribi: One of the soldiers in Yazeed's army in killing Hussain a.s. Was with Ali a.s. in Sifeen but then turned his back and was with Mukhtar but then turned his back.

Umro Ibn Huraith: Had a hand in killing Maitham AlTammar and supported Ubaydallah Ibn Zyad l.a. in Kufa.

Jarir bin Abdullah: His mosque is cursed and its in Iraq, its forbidden to pray in it. Imam Ali pbuh burned his house once along with one of his companions since he was among the Khawarij.

He was involved also at altering the hadeeth of Ghadeer and adding Abu Bakr and Omar in it and saying that they are two righteous servants.

من يكن الله ورسوله مولاه ، فإن هذا مولاه ، اللهم وال من والاه ، وعاد من عاداه . اللهم من أحبّه من الناس فكن له حبيباً ، ومن أبغضه فكن له مبغضاً . اللهم إنّي لا أجد أحداً استودعه في الأرض بعد العبدين الصالحين.أي أبا بكر وعمر!
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