This is a room strictly for putting up to date photos and video and news of people claiming to be the Imam, Jesus, a Prophet or God.
great answers nhtarin, I also wanted to add that another popular mahdi claimant "babullah" (door of Allah) fails the test of being mentioned in the text. He never said where he was mentioned, and never stated his connection with the Prophet (sawas) and the Ahlulbait (as). Also no Yamani came before him.. and he didnt have his Minister (Wazeer) with him or black flags.. not to mentioned countless other mismatches of all these false guys.
Note Sayyid Ahmad AlHassan (as) is not saying that he is the mahdi like those guys, he says he is the Messenger of Imam Mahdi (as) which is completely and suitably in agreement with all the narrations - a Yamani that comes before the Mahdi (as), a minister of the Mahdi (as) that takes pledges of allegiance and takes care of his affairs, the unknown Imam, etc.

Also in regards to the main topic, did they say that Maitreya has appeared, or he is close to appearing? If theyre saying he is close to appearing then its not dajjal...... they are referring to Ahmad AlHassan (as). Just like how Jews have predicted after Ariel Sharon dies their Messiah will appear. All these references for a Savior (from the different religions) converge.

fee aman allah
And to assume that the Hujjah will only bring materialistic justice and peace is also wrong. Both of their goals will be beyond materialistic ambitions.

So the Dajjal will have a goal that is not materialistic..can you tell me how its beyond materialstic.
Thanks in advance.
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