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By Mufeed
Bismillah hir Rahman ir Raheem, Assalamoalaikum wr wb

Going through the Quran (and not knowing Arabic), it is obvious that there is much more to it than what the average translator conveys. Especially now Imam Ahmad al Hassan (a.s) has arrived, there is just so much knowledge that the places people turn to for knowledge are empty by comparison. Learning Arabic is, I'm sure, the best start, but meanwhile I wanted to ask a few things from those who do know.

There are two words: Haq حق and Sadiq صدق which are both generally translated as truth. Haq seems more powerful and stronger a word than truth. I've seen it translated as Reality. Could someone elaborate?

Also this word: Zun/Zan ظن is translated as "think". In the translations I've seen it translated as "conjecture", like [34:20] And certainly the Shaitan found true his conjecture concerning them, so they follow him, except a party of the believers.

So this word means an opinion?

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By Zolfigarr
Salam Alaikom wr wb

Haq: Truth in the general meaning, can include being truthful in every single way,action and everything. -islam is the truth-Ali is the truth
Prophet Muhammad(saw)said:"Ali is with the Haq and Haq is with Ali "
Sidq:Truth specifically in the sayings,reports,and news. Yaqool AlSidq-he says the truth-

For Zan it is pronounced Than and not Zan because Zan is pronounced wrong. For "Than" it is a lesser effect than fully doubting/Shak and "Than" is more like suspicion/uncertain/and also conjecture. Fully doubting is called Shak, when you are completely doubtful that something is about to happen or if something is true and very close to disbelief.
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By Mufeed
Thank you, jazakAllah khair. :thumbup:

InshaAllah when I have more questions I'll post them here.
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By waleedAhlulKa'aba
Agree with all of zolfigar's notes, just wanted to add:
Haq is also sometimes translated as 'right' (Bihaqqi alayk = By my right(s) over you)
'Than' is indeed connected to guessing/thinking in dictionaries, generally the noun is translated as conjecture/assumption/thinking and verb is 'to think/guess/suppose'. of course there's many other alternatives
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