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By khomaini 1990
i,m new here ,since i wacth the arivals i start to searching of true meaning of my life as a muslim in this world ,and from that point i start to find related video with this series ,right now i still download the antichrist dajjal will be a reptilia in youtube but so many episode has been block so can,t get complete episode , i just visit to webstore and i know i must buy 1 tera bite external from you store ,for me is queit difficult for me from money matter to buy it so ,i do my research about this in many sites in internet but i still could find it ,i'm from malaysian ,so in easy word i like to know how to get that episode (pt36,pt64,83,91,92and more still in proses )i hope friend this board can help me to find a solution for this problem ,i'm just finished download 13 masonic secret,god,3 phase,the divine book,gagong and magong ,devil disguise,the arrivals and still in proses download ''tads semester 2'' and same problem i get some episode has be block like(pt11,pt17,pt18,pt57,pt63,pt80 and more in process.for me this type of knowledge is really good for me i just start my research to talk to other person about this things so far as i think i not really easy to spread it ,i pray to allah to help everytime to help to me in this duty ,as a muslim i can do something to get change people minded about world and take islam as true meaning of life thank to all do such a great jobs ,my english not really good
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