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In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful,

The Month of Sha’baan is ending and the Great Month of Ramadhan Mubarak is about to start……..

[center]Imam Jaffer Sadiq(a.s.) reports that Prophet Mohammad(saww) has said that :

“Sha’baan is my month and Ramadhan is the month of Allah(swt)
Therefore, if anyone observers one day of fasting during Sha’baan, I will do his/her “shafa’at” on the day of judgment
and one who observers two days of fasting, then his/her previous sins would be forgiven and
if someone observers three days of fasting, then it would be just like all the sins have been washed away.”

Imam Ali Reza(a.s.) has said that

If someone observes fast during the last three days of Sha’baan
and combines them with the fasting during the month of Ramadhan
then Allah(swt) will grant him/her the sawab of two months of continuous fasting.

Imaam Ali as said :

-Fear God and you will have no cause to fear any one.
-Resignation to the Will of God is the cure of the disease of the heart.
-The word of God is the medicine of the heart
-The days of life pass away like clouds, so do good while you are alive.
-Of all the follies the greatest is to love the world.
-Opportunity is swift of flight but slow to return.
-The most happy is he to whom God has given a good wife.
-He who knows himself knows God.
-A conceited and self-admiring person is disliked by others; charity and alms are the best remedy for ailments and calamities; one has to account in the next world for the deeds that he has done in this world
The mind of a wise man is the safest custody of secrets; cheerfulness is the key to friendship; patience and forbearance will conceal many defects.
Every breath of man brings him nearer to death.
-People are asleep as long as they are alive, they are awakened when they die.
-Patience is the fruit of faith.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): Allah has favored Friday over all other days, the month of Ramadan over all other months, and the Night of Destiny (Lailatul-Qadr) over all other nights.

As he was asked about the pure repentance, Imam Ali(a) said: A pure repentance is feeling of sorrow in the heart, seeking forgiveness with the tongue (by utterance), and the intention not to do so ever again.

Asalaam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu,

Allahumma Salle Ala Muhammad wa Ale Muhammad Al Aima Wa Mehdiyeen wa Sallim Tasleeman Katheera

Imam Ali a.s says;

"After the Battle of Siffin, somebody asked Imam Ali whether they had been destined to fight against the Syrians. Imam Ali replied if by destiny you mean a compulsion (physical or otherwise) through which we are forced (by nature) to do a thing then it is not so. Had it been an obligation of that kind there would have been no question of reward for doing it and punishment for not doing it (when you are physically forced to do a thing, like breathing, sleeping, eating, drinking etc. then there can be no reward for doing it and no retribution for not doing it. In such cases nature forces you to do a thing and you cannot but do it), then the promised blessings and punishments in life after death will have no meaning. The Merciful Lord has given his creatures (human beings) complete freedom to do as they like, and then prohibited them from certain actions and warned them of the consequences of such actions (His Wrath and His Punishments). These orders of Allah carry in them the least trouble and lead us towards the most convenient ways of life and the rewards which He has promised for good deeds are many times more than the actions actually deserve. He sees people disobeying Him and tolerates them not because He can be overruled or be compelled to accept human supremacy over Him. He did not send His prophets to amuse Himself or provide amuse- ment for them. He did not reveal His orders without any genuine reason nor has He created the galaxies and the earth without any purpose. The Universe without plan, purpose and program is the idea of infidels and the pagans, sorry will be their plight in the leaping fires of Hell. Hearing this the man asked Imam Ali, "Then what kind of destiny was it that we had?" Imam Ali replied: "It was an order of Allah to do it like the order He has given in His Holy Book: You are destined by Allah to worship none but Him, here 'destined' means 'ordered' it does not mean physical compulsion".

"Submission to Allah's Will is the best companion; wisdom is the noblest heritage; theoretical and practical knowledge are the best signs of distinction; deep thinking will present the clearest picture of every problem."

"Man is a wonderful creature; he sees through the layers of fat (eyes), hears through a bone (ears) and speaks through a lump of flesh (tongue)."

Imam Hussain a.s Says;

"I advise you to keep piety and chastity and warn you of the days of Resurrection and death , and hoist you his ( threatening ) flags : Imagine death with its terrible frightening looks , its unwanted arrival, and its bitter taste has clawn at your soul and has made an obstacle between you and your deeds. Still you care more about your body ( rather than soul ). I can see the calamity of death grabs you suddenly and drags you from the surface of the earth to its depth and from the heights of the earth to its lower places and from the joy and familiarity of the earth to the horror of the grave , from the prosperity and illumination of earth to the darkness and pitch blackness of the grave and from the vastness of the earth to the tightness of the grave. It takes you to that prison to which your nearest relative is not allowed to visit you , to a place where patients have no right to be visited , to a place where there is no response to any cry or scream. May the Almighty God save us from the difficulties and problems of this day and salvage both we and you from the punishment of that day , and makes us deserving his great rewards." (Bihar al- Anwar, Vol.78 , P.120)

"Imam Hussain (as) was asked: O 'the son of the prophet how is life going on? Imam replied: Life is going on , in such a way that I have a God over me, the hell-fire in front of me , death is looking for me, there is no escape of the Day of Judgement, I am taken as a hostage by my own deeds, things do not turn out to be the way I like , I cannot repel what I hate, the affairs are in someone else's hands. He tortures me if he likes and he forgives if he wishes." Therefore, is there anybody poorer than me? (Bihar al- Anwar, Vol. 78 , P. 116)

"A man came to Imam Hussain (Master of the martyrs) and said: I am a sinful man and can't avoid doing sin, please advise me. Imam (as) said: If you can do these five things, then commit sin as much you like. First of all: don’t eat the sustenance of God and commit sin as much you like. Second: go beyond the domain of God and commit sin as much you like. Third: seek a site where God can not observe you and commit sin as much you like. Fourth :if the Angel of death comes to you to take away your soul, expel him away from yourself and commit sin as much you like. Fifth: If the Angel of Hell was about to throw you into the hell-fire, stop him and commit sin as much you like." (Bihar al- Anwar, Vol. 78, P. 126)

Imam Raza a.s Says;

Pomegranate is a fruit of paradise. There is one seed from Paradise in every pomegranate growing on the earth.

Honey is nature’s best medicine. Whenever someone offers you honey as present, accept it.

The oil of violet should be used as hair oil because it has a cooling effect during summer and warm during winter.

Satan does not visit for forty days a person who applies olive oil to his head or uses it in food.

Mother’s milk is the best food for an infant.

Recitation of Quran and taking honey with milk sharpens the memory.

Use of meat as a food improves health and builds up power of resistance against diseases.

Starting meal with salt prevents seventy types of ailments, one of which is leprosy.

A gluttonous person will starve on the day of resurrection.

Masur (a kind of beans, lentils) was the favorite food of seventy thousands prophets. It moderates the temperament
and augments the activity of tear glands.

The person who refrains from meat for forty days will become ill-tempered.

Food should be taken when it is at moderate temperature.

Start eating from the sides of the plate and not from the middle.

For longevity one should eat nourishing food, wear comfortable shoes and try to remain free from debts.
The material civilization, the moral civilization and the Jihad (strive)

The truth is that most people have a big mixture between the material development of man, and the moral development of man. Therefore they conceive every materially developed man as being morally developed. And this was done through mixing the material civilization with the moral civilization; they have made them as one thing, for every nation.

This is a false balance and a false standard. Otherwise the prophets, guardians (pbut) and their followers, (whose hands were devoid from the few and many ornaments of this world; its material civilization; and its transient sovereignty), are morally the most degraded, God forbid.

Therefore Pharaoh, Nimrod and their similitude, (who built the pyramids; towers; castles; and the abundant cities), are the possessors of morals and the brilliantly developed minds. And wherever, they will have that.

Moreover, the first One accused shall be the Destroyer and Demolisher of the material civilisation, by the punishments and penalties. Glorified is He from all that they ascribe as partners unto Him.

Yet, by God, they didn’t know their affairs and then to pay attention to what happened to those who preceded them.

The fact is, the moral civilised development is the scheme of the prophets; and it is what they brought from God Al-Mighty. Hence, everything that exists with humanity from gracious morals aren’t but leaks from those divine morals that the prophets and guardians (peace be upon them) came with.

The master of the prophets and messengers, and their sealer, Mohammed (peace be upon and upon his progeny) restricted his mission to the people; that he is perfecting the gracious morals. He(pbuhap) said: Indeed I have been sent to perfect the gracious morals. Indeed, the origin and essence of the gracious morals are from the prophets’ teachings.

Hence, the morals are the standard for the true development of the nations. As there is no value to the material development (the material civilisation); no matter how big it was if its not associated by moral development (the moral civilisation). In spite of the clarity and simplicity of this reality, it wasn’t discerned by most of the people.

And the inverted result, (that was obtained for many people from the corrupted preface), is that the wars taken up by America ((the materially developed, therefore there is no discussion in its moral development!!!)); is right. Because it aims to eliminate the injustice and tyranny, and establish democracy; the supremacy of people and freedom.

Whosoever stands in the face of America, or the law that is set by America that it wants to establish on this earth, is an unjust person and a tyrant. In this manner, the standards were inverted. Thus the mixture, existing in the global field today, has helped to blur the vision and to confuse the thoughts. Hence the truth seekers became scarcer than red sulphur.

Perhaps if the people asked themselves this question: ((who sets the law and appoints the ruler; God or the people?!)). Then it would become evident to their vision, and to their customs, that America, its democracy and its freedom; is an idol worshipped without God. Just like the tyrants eliminated (by America) in Afghanistan and Iraq.

America is a devilish monster; exactly as Saddam, Bin Laden (God’s curse on them) and their followers are devilish monsters. This is because all of them (America, Saddam, Bin Laden and their similitude) are not appointed by God Al-Mighty. Also they don’t know the divine law and they don’t want to establish it; as some of them claim (in order) to deceive people, in the name of religion, while he doesn’t understand anything from religion.

However, it is obvious within the three religions that the law is set by God, and the ruler is appointed by God. And the text, indicating to this, are abundant in the Torah, Bible and Quran. Then simply, the law in this era is the Quran, Bible and Torah; and the ruler is the Mahdy, Jesus and Elijah (peace be upon them). Therefore, the divine Books are all one and the prophets and Imams are all one; sent from One.

I say if people ask themselves this question and answer by this clear answer, then their word will gather on monotheism; the worship of God Al-Mighty; the ratification of His viceroy in His land, and of the Al-Mighty’s law. As there is nothing that truly unites all the people of earth except the divine law and the divine ruler; and they are the ones who unite the people of earth onto the truth, justice and mercy.

So it is necessarily for believers to (perform) Jihad to establish the divine law and the divine ruler; the viceroy of God in His land. In order to make the earth full of equity, justice, gracious morals and moral civilisation; the same way as it is filled today with injustice and corruption.

Yet, what is happening today is that the army of the devil (God curse him) are fighting to establish the supremacy of the devil and bringing out the devil. So why doesn’t the army of God fight to establish the supremacy of God Al-Mighty and the divine morals.

And the situation is that fighting and performing Jihad against them is a defense, to the moral civilisation of the prophets and messengers (peace be upon them). In return for the attack waged by the devil and his army, the holders of the material civilisation, to eradicate the divine morals.

In fact there is no neutrality. Either you support God and ratify His supremacy, or you fight with the devil and for his supremacy (God curse him); while the silent is a mute devil. As those whom are with God are with God; and those whom are with the devil are with the devil; and those whom are on the hill, as they call themselves, are mute devils.

Imam Kadhim (a.s):
"The residents of the planet Earth will receive divine blessings as long as they love each other, act righteously, and honor what they are entrusted with."

God's Prophet (a.s):
"I advise you to be good-tempered, since those who are good-tempered will surely enter Heaven.
Avoid being bad-tempered since whoever is bad-tempered is sure to go to Hell."

The Prophet (a.s) always prayed: "O' God! Please make my temper good as you made my creation good."

Imam Sadiq (a.s):
"There is no use in a person who lacks the following five:
and being good-tempered.

Imam Redha (a.s) was asked:
"What is the intellect?"
He replied: "Swallowing your sorrow, shrewdness with the enemy, and treating friends with kindness."

Imam Sadiq (a.s):
"On the Resurrection Day God will cover up the flaws of anyone who covers up the flaws of his believing brothers."

Imam Redha (a.s):
"One of the Israelites worshipped God for forty years.
Then he made a sacrifice but it was not accepted.
He said to himself that it must be his own fault.
God the Almighty revealed to him "Your blaming yourself was better than the forty years of worshipping."

Imam Redha (a.s):
"The disciples of Jesus asked him to instruct them about the hardest thing.
He said: The hardest thing of all is God's wrath."
They asked how one could be saved from God's wrath."
He said: "Do not get angry."
They asked: "What is the roof of anger?"
He said: "Haughtiness, selfishness and belittling the people."

Imam Sadiq (a.s) on the authority of his noble father (a.s): “Jesus, the son of Mary said:
“Blessed be one who thinks when he is quiet;
is admonished when he looks;
invokes the name of God when he talks;
cries over his own sins;
and the people are safe from his hands and tongue.”

Imam Baqir (a.s):
"Deep jealousy, following selfish desires and being conceited are all fatal traits.
Fearing God the Almighty both in public and private, moderation whether you are rich or poor,
and speaking justly whether you are happy or angry are things that can save you."

Imam Baqir (a.s) narrated that Imam Ali (a.s) went on the pulpit and said:
“No one experiences true faith unless he realizes that he will obtain only what is destined to be his,
and he will not obtain anything that is destined to belong to others.”

Imam Redha (a.s): "Anger is the key to all wickedness."

Imam Sadiq (a.s) quoted God's Prophet (a.s):
"The story of a believer is like that of a branch of a tree which the winds move around. The believer gets pushed around by pains and illnesses.
The story of a hypocrite is like that of a straight cane which is never bent or harmed until death approaches and it bends down."

Imam Baqir (a.s):
"Nothing is dearer to God the Almighty than quenching your anger with patience."

Ameer al-Momineen (a.s) asked Imam Hussein (a.s):
"My dear son! What is patience?"
He replied: "It is controlling your anger and maintaining your self-control.

Imam Baqir (a.s) on the authority of God's Prophet (a.s): "A man's manliness depends on his temper."

Imam Sadiq (a.s): "A bad-tempered person tortures himself."

Imam Sadiq (a.s):
"The following four deeds will increase one's daily bread.
1- Being good-tempered,
2- Treating the neighbors with kindness,
3- Not bothering the people,
4- Not being talkative."

Imam Hasan (a.s) narrated parts of a sermon of Ameer al-Momineen (a.s):
"O' people! Do you want me to describe to you the characteristics of one of my believing brothers who I always considered to be nobler than others.
What made him seem the noblest in my eyes is that the world seemed to be very small in his eyes.
His stomach did not rule him.
He did not try to attain what he did not possess.
He was not controlled by lust, therefore he was not feeble-minded.
He was free from the rule of ignorance, therefore he never asked any untrustworthy person for anything.
He never had a very good appetite.
He was not boring.
He was content.
He was silent most of his life.
He never quarrelled with others when they talked.
He never took part in any fights.
He did not present any reason unless the judge was present.
He was not inattentive to his religious brothers.
He did not consider himself to be superior to his believing brothers.
He was slim.
He considered himself to be weak.
He was like a formidable lion when he fought.
He never blamed anyone for what they could apologize for, and let them apologize.
He did what he said, and did not talk about things he did not do.
Whenever he faced a dilemma, he would oppose the option that was closer to his selfish desires.
He never expressed his problems for people who could not supposedly help resolve them.
He never consulted with anyone who did not wish him well.
He never got depressed, or discontent.
He did not complain.
He did not ask for much.
He did not take revenge.
He was not unaware of the enemies' plots.

Now try to attain these noble characteristics.

Even if you cannot attain all of them, attaining some is better than lacking them all.

There is no power except in, or by means of God."

Fasting= a veil (protection) from hell fire

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem
Our beloved Fatimah (a.s) wife of our beloved Imam Ali (a.s) said,
"Fasting is the implantation of devotion into the human being."

Fasting is a veil Allah puts on our eyes, ears, private parts, tongue, and stomach to keep us away from the hell fire.
-Ahlul Bayt

Gibraeel (May Allah be pleased with him) said to Muhammad,
"Ali's (a.s) genorosity is the highest of Taqwa." So let us all look to the Ahlul Bayt inshallah to learn how we can fear Allah and Allah alone.
By Ali's constant giving of Zakat to those around him, he achieved Taqwa through his compassion and fear of Allah. For Allah is the holder of all things.
and the more we give and grow independent of materialism, the the more we are in tune with Allah and his power.

4 levels of Taqwa

1. Remain away from things prescribed Haram
2. Remain away from things presribed Makrooh
3. Remain away from that which is permissible
4. And stay away from gatherings which make one absent of Allah

During Ramadan, it is easiest of any month, to strive to achieve Taqwa Inshallah. And this is because Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,
"Fasting blackens the face of Shaytan, and Zakat breaks the back of Shaytan."

Thus we can realize that along with furthering ourselves from the deceptions of this world, we may also begin to give zakat, and intesenly focus on our fasts inshallah.

One day Shaytan went to Musa (a.s) and said to him, "Musa, go to your Lord and tell him I want forgiveness. Musa after double checking that that is what Shaytan asked, went to Allah and said, "shaytan asks for your forgiveness, would you forgive him?"
And Allah (SWT) replied, "yes, on the condition that he prostrate before Adam's grave."

Musa went to Shaytan and told him the condition to which Shaytan replied, "I didn't prostrate to him when he was alive, why would I when he's dead."

Then he said, "whatever, because you tried to intercede for me Musa, I will give you advice.
If you want to reach Taqwa, remember me on 3 areas where I try to block you.

1. When you are angry, I make you more angry.

2. When you want to give Sadaq I hinder you from doing so.

3. And when you are alone with a woman, know that I am the third of the three.

These points are all highlighted in a Nashakwani lecture:
http://www.sayedammar.com/RAMA%202006%2 ... 6popp.html
Imam Al-Hadi (a.s.)

Imam Ali Naqi Al-Hadi (a.s.) was between the tender age of 7 & 8 years old when he became an Imam, a hafith of the Holy Quran from such a young age.
Regarding Allah’s attributes and advices the Imam (a.s.) said:

** There are definite places in which Allah likes the servants to supplicate to Him. One of these places is the tomb of Al-Hussein: Master of the Martyrs (peace be upon him).

** No one can describe Allah with attributes other than these with which He describes Himself. How can anyone describe Him when senses are too short to perceive Him, illusions are too short to comprehend Him, ideas are too short to mark Him, and sights are too short to appreciate Him? He is remote in His nearness and near in His remoteness. He created the how without being asked "How?" and founded the where without being asked "where?" He is out of how and where. He is the One and Only. Exalted be His Majesty and sacred be His Names.

** Dawud As-Sarmi related: My master Imam Al-Hadi (peace be upon him) ordered me to do many actions then he tested whether I had retained them all. When he noticed that I could not maintain them all, he took a pen and wrote down: "In the Name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful. I will remember it, Insha'Allah. All the matters are in Allah's hand.
"I smiled and the Holy Imam (peace be upon him) asked me about the reason. I said, "Allah make me your sacrifice, this record reminds me of the report that one of our acquaintances related to me on the authority of your grandfather Imam Reza (peace be upon him). He said that whenever the Imam (peace be upon him) ordered of a matter, he used to write down: "In the Name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful. I will remember it, Insha'Allah." The Holy Imam (peace be upon him) said: O Dawud, I am honest to tell you that the neglector of the Bismillah is as same of the neglector of the (obligatory) prayers.

** Allah has made this world for testing while He has made the life to come for receiving the result. He has also made the misfortunes of this world the cause of gaining the rewards of the life to come and made the rewards of the life to come as the compensation for the misfortunes of this world.

** He who busies himself thinking of the afterlife, will be rich with no money, feel at ease with no family, and feel mighty with no fellows.
** He who is certain of recompense From Allah will give generously
** This world is like a market in which some profited and others lossed.

About Fate

Imam Al Hadi (a.s.) narrated from his fathers, that a man from Iraq asked Imam Ali a.s. when he was marching (with his army) for the battle of siffeen, "Tell us about our marching to fight the people
of sham" is it by the fate of Allah? Imam Ali (a.s.) said, O sheikh yes it is. By Allah, you do not mount a castle or descend into a valley unless it has been determined by the fate of Allah (swt) The man said,
I expect the reward from Allah O Amir Al Mu`mineen.
Imam Ali (a.s.) explained fate by saying,
O`sheikh, wait! you may think it is inevitable "fate" and an inescapable doom! if it is so, then reward and punishment, enjoining and forbidding, scolding, warning and threatening will be void, and
a bad doer will not be blamed and a good doer will not be rewarded. A good doer will be worthier of being blamed than a guilty one, and a guilty one will be worthier of reward than a good doer.
This opinion is of idolaters, enemys of Allah, fatalists, and the magi. O`sheikh Allah Almighty has charged his people but has given them the option to do or not to do, and forbidden them as warning.
He gives much for little. He is not disobeyed out of defeat and he is not obeyed by force. He has not created the heavens, the earth, and what is between them in vain. That is the opinion of those
that disbelieve, and woe unto those who disbelieve from the fire..
The man got up reciting some verses of poetry in which he praised Ali.(a.s.) and expressed his satisfaction to what Imam Ali (a.s.) had said.

Imam Al Hadi (a.s.) wrote a letter to the people of ahwaz in Iran in which he refuted the concept of "compulsion" that the Ash`arits adopted and spread when they said that man was compelled
into his actions and he had no will or option. he also refuted the concept of free will that the Mu`tazilites believed in saying that Allah authorized people in the actions due to their will and
there was no will or power over them .After refuting these two concepts, Imam Al Hadi (a.s). proved with irrefutable scientific proof the concept of the matter between the two matters; a moderate
concept between compulsion and free will, which was the concept adopted by the Imams of the Ahl Al Bayt a.s. and their followers.

** Allah created the creation and knew what they would be. He enjoined them to do some things and forbade them from doing some other things.He gave them a way to do what He enjoined
them to do and gave them a way to refrain from what he forbade them from. He forced no one of his creation to disobey but he tried them with misfortunes as He had said:
He may try you; which of you is best in deeds.

** Keep to piety because it is the essense of religion which you keep to and believe in Allah through it.
It is that which Allah wants from those who follow us..
The 40 Day Significance According to Imam a.s

Part Three;

The 40 Day Significance According to Ahmed a.s

Part Four;

In the Name of Allah, Almighty, Ever-Lasting,
Bless Muhammad (SAW) and his household (AS)

May Allah, Most Merciful, Most High, unveil our eyes to the delusions of this world. For indeed, it is nothing more than a great deception.

- When one loves a thing it blinds him and sickens his heart. Then he sees but with a diseased eye, hears but with unhearing ears. Desires have cut asunder his wit, and the world has made his heart dead, while his mind is all longing for it.- Imam Ali (AS)
- Hell is veiled in delights and Heaven in hardships and miseries.- The Holy Prophet (SAW)

The Path to Allah (SWT), and to our salvation, is standing before us. We just have to look within our selves to find it. So let us no longer be slaves of our own desires, we have to falsify them and then we must expel those desires from our hearts. Because, surely, such a heart can never find the way to God bearing those stains, because in loving the world we part from our Lord.

- Know that it is forbidden for your heart to ever taste true faith until and unless you abstain from worldly pleasures.- Imam Ja'afer al-Sadiq (AS)
- Allah endowed angels with intellect without desire, animals with desire without intellect, and man with both of them. So he whose intellect manages to conquer his desire is better than the angels, and he whose desires overcome his intellect is worse than the animals.- Imam Ja'afer al-Sadiq (AS)

So let us pray for Allah (SWT) to grant us success in allowing our intellect to conquer our desires. And let us pass our days in the remembrance of Him, Most Merciful, Most High. InshAllah, May we tread the path of guidance, and walk the path of frugality and take action in abstaining from the fleeting pleasures of this world.

- Faith can exist only with action, and action is part of it, such that faith can remain firm only when accompanied by action.- Imam Ja'afer al-Sadiq

And Indeed, Allah Loves those who Patiently Preserve from worldly pleasures.

- 'He who practices asceticism and restraints from the pleasures of this world, Allah secures wisdom in his heart, makes him tongue speak with wisdom and gives him insight into the flaws, ailments and cures of this world, and He takes him safely out of this world into the abode of eternal peace.'- Imam Ja'afer al-Sadiq (AS)

- 'When a believer rids himself of worldly pleasures, he rises high and finds the sweetness of the love of Allah, and from then on does not preoccupy himself with anything other than Him. Verily, if the heart is refined and purified, the earth becomes too narrow for it, such that it has no choice but to rise above it.' - Imam Ja'afer al-Sadiq

God Bless, and May Allah, the Exalted, grant us success in self-restraint when we are presented with a test, and Allah (SWT) will never test us beyond our limits.

No testing has overtaken you that is not common to everyone. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength, but with the testing he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it. (1 Corinthians 10:13)
Unity is essential to any fighting community or else division of the fighting community will definitely result to defeat {and obey Allah and His Messenger, and do not dispute and [thus] lose courage and [then] your strength would depart; and be patient. Indeed, Allah is with the patient ones} (8:46).
That is especially if the confrontation was with an enemy that is predominant in equipage and number, but this unity wasn’t achieved in the past as the Children of Israel weren’t united with Moses, Joshua, David or Solomon… yet many and many of them were hypocrites whom Moses suffered from their tongues, along with others {And (remember) when Moses said to his people: "O my people! Why do you hurt me while you know certainly that I am the Messenger of Allah to you? So when they turned away (from the Path of Allah), Allah turned their hearts away (from the Right Path). And Allah guides not the people who are disobedient} (61:5).
Nevertheless, these prophets didn’t slacken from performing Jihad (strife) and fighting in the Path of Allah.

Thus, the Muslims weren’t united with the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&F), yet one of them was unsatisfied with the other; and one dissembles the other while they are fighting with the Messenger of Allah until Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s) narrated this verse in this manner {O Prophet (Muhammad)! Strive hard against the disbelievers by the hypocrites, and be severe against them, their abode will be Hell, and worst indeed is that destination} (66:9).
And The Al-Mighty said: {And among the bedouins round about you, some are hypocrites, and so are some among the people of Medina, they exaggerate and persist in hypocrisy, you know them not, We know them. We shall torment them twice, and thereafter they shall be brought back to a great (horrible) torment} (9:101).

However, the matter of divisions and dispersion with Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (a.s) is clearer than the sun, they even burdened him (a.s) with pains that filled his liver with pus, and he repeated the meaning of this sentence several times (I wonder from those folk who united on their falsehood and you disunited from your truth).
And he (a.s) said when Bin Muljim (God’s curse on him) striked him: (I succeeded! By The Lord of the K’abah!). The succeeding wasn’t only in satisfying Allah swt and gaining the Heaven, but he succeeded in escaping from those people who claimed to be his Shia while they made him swallow the lumps in the throat because of their disagreement, distraction and disunity on the Word of their Imam.

In conclusion, unity wasn’t fulfilled in the past; so the unity of a considerable group that gathers around the truth is demanded and this group should have the equipage and number to strive and fight in the Path of Allah. Even if a group of hypocrites joined later on; i.e. those who entered Islam but faith didn’t enter their hearts {The bedouins say: "We believe." Say: "You believe not but you only say, 'We have surrendered (to Islam),' for Faith has not yet entered your hearts. Thus if you obey Allah and His Messenger, He will not decrease anything in reward for your deeds. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."} (49:14).

A faithful community that is aware of the Divine Revolution Concept: which means the community doesn’t have a large amount of hypocrites in such a manner that it affects the faithful community badly and leads to complete deviation, especially during the times of fighting encounter in the strive of raising the Word of Allah; or that a number of believers, who are aware of the Islamic Revolution Concept, are prevailing over the faithful community who accepts them and that is through presenting the truth in a sober manner and making the faithful community to be aware of the Truth and the People of the Truth.

By that means, the danger of hypocrisy is curtailed by the awareness of the Truth and People of the Truth as for many in the faithful community, thus, the complete deviation doesn’t occur due to hypocrisy and People of hypocrisy, and definitely this can’t be fulfilled when there is disunity and the majority is of people of falsehood and the minority is of people of Truth, The Al-mighty said: {But none had believed with him, except a few} (11:40) {And few of My servants are grateful} (34:13) {And indeed, many associates oppress one another, except for those who believe and do righteous deeds - and few are they} (38:24) and The Al-Mighty said: {So be not in doubt about it. Indeed, it is the truth from your Lord, but most of the people do not believe} (11:17).

But this occurs by the favour of Allah with the continuous Jihad and fighting to raise the Word of Allah, maybe this can be achieved afterwards and after a while the way it happened with Imam Ali and Imam Hussein (as). So the unawareness of the community to the Divine Revolution Concept isn’t a deterrent from performing Jihad and fighting to raise the Word of Allah, but it’s an obstacle and barrier that takes off with time, and yet it is a test to the believers and their situation and whether they are certain and firm in their belief of fighting to raise the Word of Allah with the Wali of Allah and His successor in His Land or who he appoints to perform this matter.

So standing against the current isn’t an easy thing but it’s the case of all the prophets and messengers and the believers who followed them, as people didn’t embrace a single prophet as it’s clearly mentioned in the Qur’an and the Holy Books, and his people didn’t get up to fight and raise the Word of Allah with him, but only few who believed in him and supported him, or as the non-working scholars mention them {The chieftains of his folk, who disbelieved, said: We see you but a mortal like us, and we see not that any follow you save the most abject among us, without reflection. We behold in you no merit above us --nay, we deem you liars} (11:27).

As only 313 men crossed the river with Saul (a.s) and they are also the number that was with the Prophet (pbuhf) and they are also the Companions of the Qa’im, The Al-Mighty said:
{And when Saul went forth with the soldiers, he said, "Indeed, Allah will be testing you with a river. So whoever drinks from it is not of me, and whoever does not taste it is indeed of me, except who takes [from it] in the hollow of his hand." But they drank from it, except a [very] few of them. Then when he had crossed it along with those who believed with him, they said, "There is no power for us today against Goliath and his soldiers." But those who were certain that they would meet Allah said, "How many a small company has overcome a large company by permission of Allah. And Allah is with the patient."* And when they went forth to [face] Goliath and his soldiers, they said, "Our Lord, pour upon us patience and plant firmly our feet and give us victory over the disbelieving people."} (2:249-250)

Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (a.s) said:
As I beg of you O brothers and sisters, Ansar of Imam Al-Mahdi (a.s) that you deal with one another with mercy and compassion emanating from the sincere belief in Allah,

And stay away from hypocrisy and love of appearance and pride and lying and be careful,

avoid the bad manners as you avoid impurities

and be embodied with honesty and loyalty and mercy and generosity and bravery and virtuousness…as you perfume yourselves with the nice scents,

so let the younger of you and the older of you deal with one another as Allah commanded the son to treat his father and let the older one of you treat the younger one as he treats his son, with extreme compassion and mercy.

Be an adornment for the family of Muhammad and do not be a burden upon them. Let people know the truth with mercy and treat them how you love to be treated, kill the devil that is in their insides with the nice word.

Argue them with that which is better, and with the full proof and do not treat them harshly and with rudeness, and by that you become helpers of the devil and their ignorance upon them, Allah AlMighty said: {Invite (all) to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious; for your Lord knows best, who have strayed from His Path, and who recive guidance.} –The Holy Qur’an (16:125).
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