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Barak Allahu feek brother, May Allah shower you with blessings-the first point really taught me something subhanallah!
1. The Yamani is a sign of Allah. A proof of Him, a Hujjat of Him, as described in Ahadith. Bear in mind the Yamani is not Imam Mahdi (a.s). The Blessed Yamani is the Messenger of Imam Mahdi (a.s). This man is to come at the end times. Read this Hadith:

"Hijaz (Saudi Arabia) will be ruled by a man whose name is the name of an animal, when you see him from a distance, you would think he has a lazy eye, and if you get close to him, you do not see anything (wrong) in his eyes. He will be succeeded by a brother of his, named Abdullah. Woe to our Shia (followers) from him! Woe to our Shia (followers) from him! Woe to our Shia (followers) from him! - he repeated it three times - Give me the good news of his death, and I shall give you the good news of the appearance of the hujjah (Imam Mahdi)."
Reference: Two Hundred and Fifty Signs, sign number 122

It is the lifetime of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. He will die soon one day. When he dies the Imam (a.j.t.f) will come. But before he (a.s) is destined to come, the Yamani is to come, as the appearance of the Yamani is a sign of the Imam's (a.j.t.f) coming. Thus, the Yamani should come during/before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia's lifetime.

Ahmad Al Hasan is the only man with clear proofs who has claimed to be the Yamani.

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Amazing indeed!! Great job Aunslaught :)!

mustafashaban1234 wrote:@Aunslaughtt: I like the way you explained it! Makes a lot of sense!

But also, are there any other major differences between Ahmad Al Hassan's teaching and that of mainstream Islam and Shiasm?

Most of his teachings are the same as Shiasm, except the corruption he points out. The biggest ones being:
1) corruption of that of the scholars (with allowing elections and supremacy of people, working with America).
2) attributing ultimate divinity to the fourteen infallibles (similar to the Christians attributing ultimate divinity to Jesus(pbuh)).
mustafashaban1234 wrote:What more can we learn about his teachings? I have read his work and he has some great understanding on a general and conceptual level, but what about specifics?

Defining a clear path between right and wrong and abolishing any mistakes of the scholars. Such as deeming all elections and shuras(consultations) as opposition to the Will of Allah (which is to follow His Calipha). Supremacy of Allah vs supremacy of people.

Also there is some amazing things in the Sermon of Muharam (13 pages) I have read, that should be out soon Inshallah. It categorises the main paths of disbelief (for Jews, Christians, Sunnis and Shias) and likens them to clear cut examples. And also explains the act of Allah(s.w.t) asking the Angels and Iblis to prostrate to Adam(a.s). This is detailed greatly as well as showing the counterparts (in this generation/time).

One more thing is his interpretations of the Quran (whenever he uses a verse), it is amazing and always makes sense. These are just a few I have said.

mustafashaban1234 wrote:Also would like to ask the Ansar or Ahmad Al Hassan a question: What do they think of Pakistan? Does it have spiritual significance? Was it ordered by Prophet Muhammed SAWW to make this nation?

I am not aware of this.

Hope this helps :).
Fi ammani-ilah
All Praise is to Allah. :)

Thank you brothers and Labbayk Ahmed.

mustafashaban1234 wrote:What do they think of Pakistan? Does it have spiritual significance? Was it ordered by Prophet Muhammed SAWW to make this nation?

I'm not aware of that, but Insha'Allah if I find anything about it I'll inform you.

Feel free to ask questions about him (a.s), there are many awesome Ansar out there with a lot of answers Alhamdulillah.
mustafashaban1234 wrote:What has he ordered his folllowers to do so far? Anything other than his acknowledgement? Just wondering! What has he said is the most important thing to focus on now?

I asked the Ansar a question like this and got this answer:

"For increasing your faith and strengthening it that is the most important before the body. Patience is like the head to your body in no matter what you do. I did not hear anything about the body but you can collect weapons and supplies to fight the disbelieving occupant to your muslim country only with a GROUP not by yourself."

Besides this, spreading the Dawah is strongly emphasized.
mustafashaban1234 wrote:What do they think of Pakistan?

The only mention of Pakistan I could find was this:

Q11/ do you have supporters in other countries?

Yes, in Iran, Pakistan, al Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco, Najd and Al Hejaz (Arabic peninsula), Lebanon, china, Australia, Canada, England, Sweden, USA, and others.
All Praise is to Allah, brother :)
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