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Bismillah ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem.
From: Khaedem

as salam alaykom brothers and sisters ,

Q) If the Maraja system is corrupt, what then becomes of the duty of Ithna Asharis with regards to Khums payment. Also, where do they turn to for fiqhi instructions and problems?

A: Please refer back to the letter that the 12 imam left ( mohamed ibn alhassan al a3skary AS ) its clearly stated that the shia are not obliged to pay khoms in the absence of the imam, in his occulation. Refer to the arabic script.

Q: What is the acceptable political theory within Islam in the absence of a Divine Appointed Imam (AS)? Keeping in mind that the election of Saqifa was in the presence of a Divinely appointed Imam (AS) (primarily why it was invalid and usurpation). And, thus, could not be analogous to present times.

A: There wasent any time that the earth was left with out khalifa .

The imam is present at all the time , we dont see him because of our sins.
So the imam is here , the hujat is present , and for the last 1000 years all the shia scholars refused to endorse the elections and kept holding the flag of the supremacy of god even if they were abused and killed till recently a new version of scholars took over who endorsed the election and the supremacy of the people. They endorsed election of al sakifa .
i hope that answered your question.

Q: What is the opinion about the hawzas in Iran & the top scholars/Maraja residing there?

A: If we believe that we are at the end of time then we need to ask the prophet PUH and ahl albayte AS what they said about the scholars of today's time before we ask the scholars about the messenger from the 12 imam yamnie ahl albayte AS.

PLEASE READ the book ( supremacy of god and not supremacy of ppeople ) to imam ahmad al hassan AS

visit our site www.

let me remind you, has ever at any time of any prophet or imam, the scholars supported them , mousa, issa, mohamed , ali , hassan , hussain .............. imam al mahdi AS TO ALL. Haven't you read that you wont find to sunnat allah alternative, why now the scholars will support him
imam ali AS said the first who will fight the imam are the shia scholars.

fee aman allah

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Come visit us in pal tak every morning at (8:00 a.m Indiana Time) it is an amazing experience and several brothers have come with questions and left that day making their pledge to al Yamani (a.s.) Khadem speaks a great deal of the time to answer our questions, but the mic is always open Insha'Allah. (go to all rooms in paltalk, click on religion/spirituality, then Islam, then The Savior). Insha Allah we will see you there. :thumbup:
Bismillah ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem.

Answered back by Khadem:

Q: so in a simpler form, if we are ready to drop everything and become a deciple of his, what does he recommend we do?

A:To know religion. We need to learn and read from the books of imam ahmad al hassan AS , in order to know our religion .
God created us to worship him , in order to do that we have to obey his viceroy , khalifah , all our religion must be through the imam who God has appointed on us.

Q: If Sistani is wrong, do I shift my Taqleed to Ayatullah Basheer? Brother Zolfigar said that Ahmad Al Hasan (may his soul be at peace) is merciful to Ayatullah Khoei, Imam Khomeini, Ayatullah Baqir-us-Sadr and Ayatullah Muhammad Muhammad-us-Sadr. Ayatullah Khoei was the one who gave Ayatullah Basheer his position in the Hawza of Najaf. Does that make it permissible for me to do Ayatullah Basheer's Taqleed? He seems 100% ok to me. And it's a belief that Taqlid is Wajib. If not then I'd like to know..

A: The taqlid was created by the early scholars in order because the people were not in contact with the imam AS . HOW EVER the main scholars ( mofid, sadouq , tousi and others said the taqlid was wrong and batel ) as muslims we refer everything to ahl albayte AS. There are many narations indicate the taqlid to other then the ma3soum is haram. Religion can not be measure with non completed brains , the only one with such a position are ahl albayte AS .

------imam ahmad al hassan AS , WHEN was merciful on the early scholars for what they did . He said that they worked in order to establish the nation of islam and the nation of imam al mahdi AS .

THEY WERE replaced by others who wasted the prayer and followed the pleasure of this life

Q: i saw a few people have asked this, id also like to know, what are Imam Ahmad Al-Hassans feelings on the 1st 3 Khalifas of sunni Islam, Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman..??

A:------taqlid to any one other than the ma3soum is haram. You only can follow who God nominate on you, that is ahmad al hassan AS. WHO WAS MENTIONED IN THE WILL of the prophet mohamed PUH

---------at all the time there are those who represent the supremacy of god , and those who represent the supremacy of people.

The 3 khalifas represent the supremacy of people
and imam ali AS , represent the supremacy of god.

Let me remind you from the quran that when Allah nominated adam AS as khalifa , there was 2 groups....
1 the angels who obeyed him
2 satan who refused

Either we be like satan and follow who the people appointed , or who god appointed that is the the real khalifa

Q: What does al Yamani say about Taqlid? If it's Wajib, can I do Taqlid of Ayatullah Basheer?

A: ------ as we said the taqlid to any one apart from the ma3soum is harram .
bashir alnajefy is one of thoses who fought the imam and is against the imam AS . Even if he was appointed by said khuei.

Q: how can we actively support Ahmad al Hasan (may he be at peace)?

A:----- activly we support the imam after its clear to us that he is beyond any doubt spreading God's religion among the people . By accepting him in your heart you carried God's mission , and for you to tell others and to warn them of whats coming.

Q:what does he say about hazrat abu bakr[as] laying rest next to hazrat mohhamed[saw]
and this "When the mourners took his funeral at the door of the shrine of the Prophet (PBUH) they said: "O prophet of Allah! your companion Abu Bakr seeks permission to enter," and the door of the shrine of the Prophet (PBUH) opened without touching by anybody. Then Hazrat Abu Bakr (R) was laid to rest besides his beloved, the Prophet (PBUH)." why did allah allow him to be buried next to our beloved??

what does he say about hazrat khazir[as]

In regard to that the door was opened for abu baker funeral , only exist in their books which they written , asking my self , they asked permission here and when they burnt the house of fatimah AS , AND FORCED THEIR WAY IN , DID NOT. When they killed fatima and her baby ( mohsen ) .

lets take our belief from the source , ahl albayte AS ,

khezir , issa , elijah are to emerge and support imam al mahdi AS

Wasalam alaykom warahmat allah wabarakatoh
Bismillah ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem.

Here are the answer from brother Khadem for the 3rd round of questions.

Q: What are the names in arabic around and within the six-pointed star?

A: The star of david is within a circle , there are names in the star and others outside the star but within the circle...

names in the star , mohamed is on the top triangle
ali in the on on the right
fatima the triangle on the left
hassan bottom right
hussain b. left
mahdi the triangle pointing down

ahmad in the midle

names in the circle , him, allah, the merci, mercifull, the only one , alqahar (who defeat all , the most powerful)

Q: Are there any books or pdfs on Islamic jurisprudence, prayer structures and other teachings by Imam Ahmad al Hassan (a.s.)?

A: there are books for the islamic jurisprudence , you can find on the arabic web site , not in english , has 3 volumes , call shra3eaa al islam , part 1,2,3,

Q:Has Imam Ahmad al-Hassan (a.s.) said anything about the coming cosmic disasters? Many of us believe in 2011 or 2012 that a large comet will approach...have any of the Ansars heard of this from the Imam (a.s.)?

A: imam ahmad al hassan AS said what imam ali said that 2/3 of the people will go, he told his ansars that the earth are theirs because it will be empty.

Q: Who should we be paying our Khums to?

A: imam ahmad al hassan is our imam and hujat allah ( god viceroy ) therefore the khums must be paid to him.

Q: we know where the Imam (a.s.) is? Do any of the ansars have contact with him?

A: ahmad al hassan AS is in iraq , after the iraqi government and the shia scholars issued a fatwa to kill him, all the hussainytes and places of gathering where he used to teach the ansars have destryed . the ansars are scatered all over the place whom are wanted others are in prison, some been killed , we all are waiting to be with the imam . we read his books and if we have any questions we ask those who been and are in touch with the imam .

i hope i have answered your question , if there are anything you need me to clear , let me know

fee aman allah
Bismillah ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem.

Answers from Khadem.
In addition to all of the above, most of those who believed in this case performed Istikhara, as they asked God for proper guidance using Qur'an, and it came with favor of the truth of this case. Those who are heart-blinded or those whose faith is not deep may object to the use of Istikhara (Intention in acts directed for the sake of asking God for proper guidance), and may refuse to consider it as a proof on the truthfulness of this call, I say to those:

ok now, when the first time i knew about Imam Ahmad Al- Hassan i've make Istikhara by using Al Quran and find one verse which is told about the truth (Haqq), so can you ask him which verse represent him about truth (Haqq)?

A: salam alaykom brothers and sisters

the istighara is between the person and his creator.
The more faith we have, the more we are attached to the creator. In believing in god is a result of being his servant .

In the quran , letter SAD in the chapter SAD, in the quran according to imam al sadiq AS is yamani corner, is a door of heaven, where there is a river in which the sin of people are thrown in it .

ahmad al hassan a.s. is that SAD in the quran.

Q: What is the view of Ahmad al Hasan (peace be upon him) about Hasan Nasrullah and Ahmad e Nejad?

What is the view of Ahmad al Hasan (peace be upon him) on the identity of the Sufyani? If he is not allowed to give this information to anyone then please ignore the question.

A: all man kind are tested in believing in yamani ahl albayte AS, WHETHER IS hassan nassrollah or the leader of iran .

There is no difference between poor and rich, strong or weak , leader or soldier , we are all facing the same test . We can give many examples of people were greater than those leaders of todays time.

Q: Peace and Blessings of Allah on Ahmed Al-Hasan the Yamani, Peace and Blessings on the family of Mohammed (SAW).
I am honored to be able to have a question answered by the Yamani, even if indirectly.
What is his opinion on the Iranian leadership, on the present Ayatollah and the former one? Are they genuine? Has he made contact with them?

A: The call of imam ahmad al hassan AS invited all man kind , he said that khomenie was one of those who worked to pave the way to imam al mahdi AS

Q: What is At-Tariq in the Holy Qur'an? It is mentioned as the piercing star, is this which is also described as the "night comer" the coming comet that we all have been studying? Is this a signal of the emergence of the Imam al Mahdi a.s. in which he will return in a signal night as well? Insha'Allah

A: refer to the translation from tafsir al borhan , thats from ahl albayte AS

Bismillah ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem.

@ Discovery. Here are your answers brother, and for those who are looking for his questions, it is the second post on the first page in the Yamani section of question and answers.
salam alaykom wb

Q: It has been posted both here and on other forums and sites that due to the issue of Thursday (when a companion prevented Muhammad from writing what he wished on his death bed) that Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) supposedly made a will later. While I agree to the possibility of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) dictating his will later, I do have a question regarding its details. It is said that the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) dictated the institution of the Mahdiyoon (or 12 Mahdis after the 12 Imams) in this will, and yet if this religious institution is so important why is not mentioned by him who is the one that is supposed to deliver the complete religion to the whole ummah (much like Imamate which was mentioned repeatedly again and again throughout the life of Muhammad)? If it is said that it was due to the possibility of its rejection by the people, then I believe the same concern was expressed about Wilayah and a verse of the Qur'an was revealed specifically to brush aside such concerns. Jazak'Allah khair

A: Lets not forget that the quran has its own people , as mentioned in 3:7 , no one knows its hidden meaning except Allah and those who are firmly grounded with knowledge .

As you already know, the prophet mohammed in one of his hadith , said that he is leaving behind two things , 1 the quran ( the words of allah ) 2 my house hold progeny
also keep in mind that he said that my nation will be divided to 73 sects ( divisions ) all in hell accept one
on thursday night , he referred to that statement as an assurance from going astray ever after.

Here we have , house hold progeny , one sect in heaven out of 73 , and a statement (will)

the statement contains all the successors from the minute he dies till this life came to an end . At all times there must be one of his house hold exist with the quran.

Thats why , omar tried to stop the prophet from writing it , however it was written.

Now , I am sure you read repeatedly , that the hadith about imam al mahdi AS said that he will fulfill it with justice and peace ............ so imam al mahdi is the one who will spread islam .

However , it is naratted that the prophet and ahl albayte refused under the instruction from the prophet himself to mention the name of al qaem , why ?? He already mentioned the 12 imam and also he said what he will do. Even the enemy or banu al abbas , were waiting for him to kill him, so he was well known to them .

imam ali AS said , the prophet told me not to mention him , imam al baqir described him but refused to name him , imam al sadiq same , why ? there is narration that states that if banu fatima ( sons of fatima ) knows him they will make sure to cut him in pieces. They allready knew the 12 imam .

the prophet mentioned the 12 imams , because at that time the people are only tested in them . But now since the first of the 12 mahdis appeared we are tested in believing in them the way that the muslim after the death of the prophert PUH were tested in ali and the 11 imams AS

THERE MANY VERSES IN THE QURAN , plz read the chapter of the smoke AL DUGHAN and ask yourself who the messenger in that verse is.

Q: It was posted on the website that the passage Matthew 24:44-47 is a prophecy referring to Ahmed al-Hassan (this is from his writing Letter of Guidance). But if one looks at the whole passage, not only is verse 44 part of a separate group of verses, but 45-47 extends further to a parable about the two possibilities of what Isa's (peace be upon him) servants will do while he is gone (the passage extends to 51 for the complete parable). So my question is why is the rest of the verses not take into account? Jazak'Allah khair

A: as you already know that the bible and the taurah and the quran are gathered by people , who were divided in many groups because they translate them differently .

let's me make it simple , which verse in the quran descended first on the prophet PUH , how come it is not in the begining of the book, and the last verse and so on? It means that the the verses positioned are not the same , but we dont know that why a khalifa is a must

i hope i answered your question , with all my best knowlege , god bless you and guide aus to our imam AS

take care
Bismillah ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem.

Reply from brother Khadem.

Q:Why did the Prophet (s) want the look alike of Jesus (as) to appear in his lineage? What is the significance of the look alike appearing towards the end of times?

Thank you

A: salam alaykom wb ,

Look back at why Issa AS asked God to lift that punishment and what the look alike was capable of, and Issa couldnt .

The prophet Issa AS , couldnt bear and take the punishment and the suffering he was about to face . God did lift that task (God never reject a prophet request ) and replace him with who is higher , faithful and capable of such task.

Let me make it easier for you, if Issa and Mohammad (puh) were assigned to the same task, both will do the task. However Mohamed Puh will do it in more faith (ighlass) then Issa AS .

So here the look alike took that task which Issa AS couldn't take .

---- it is narrated that from ahl albayte AS that al qaem AS ( ahmad al hassan AS ) will face more than what the prophet did, because the prophet faced people who worshiped status made out of stones and wood , where the imam will face scholars who call them selves muslim altered the meaning of the quran who will fight him with that alterations .

Also the imam will face other threats....that's why imam Ali AS called him the fugitive .

The task of paving the way to the imam appearing, and the establishment of nation of god , this task requires who can take it , as you know the first of the 12 mahdis is yamnie ahl albayte AS and he is the one for this task.

i hope i answered your question to my best ability
Bismillah ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem.

Q: How do we know what meat is halal and what meat is haram?

A: salam alaykom brother, answer to your question.

in general these are the conditions to kill,

1. the animal ( beef , chicken ) must be killed by a male muslim
2 the knife must be of steel and sharp
3 must be toward mecca
4 and mentioned the name of God ( bismillah ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem)

During the killing, the throat, and the two main veins must be cut , the head should stay connected to the body , if the head was cut on purpose then you cant eat that meat .

Who you can buy the meat from?

From muslim who is not at war with ahl albayte AS or at war with imam ahmad al hassan AS

All non muslim are najes ( unpured ) meat can not be bought from them.

Therefor we need to check and ask about the meat, usually our problem these days is with chickens because the scholars have allowed to be killed by machine instead of man, which is not allowed and is haram under the imam ahmad al hassan AS

You need to make sure they killed the chicken themself and they are not an enemy of ahl albayte AS , they are shia who followed the late scholars do the right things.

With beef , same applies to find out until you are confident about it.

Now you know the rules and up to you how much you want to search.

In terms of fish, as known the fish with scales only can be eaten , ( leather jacket, shark, whale and any other which don't have scales can not be eaten , also , octopus , squid, can not be eaten )

prawns, tuna,whiting , king gearge snapers and so on can be eaten.

If you still in doubt, let me know please.

At you service any time.

walaykom al salam wb
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Bismillah ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem.

From Khadem:
Q: About the event narrated in the hadiths, when Ahmed on a grey mule with his red bandana will cross the Euphrate, where is he going? (and where is he coming from)?

A: The imam AS , is crossing the furat river to iraq , toward the south and from there to the holy city of najaf.

Q: Does he (as) remember the time of Jesus (as) or not?

A: All the information he came with about the the killing on the cross , where did he came with ?/ but if your question is if he knows all the details, don't know brother.

Q: If he (as) was killed so he (as) will not taste death as second time?

A: The question is not clear brother.
Bismillah ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem.

Q: Is it haram to casually talk online, male to female, female to male as just friends, even if it's just discussions on religion or sharing information?

A: talking in private between two of the ansars ( male and female) on private is forbidden, they need to get a third party present.

Q: Would it be possible to please ask what day(s) are preferred for worship? I know prayer should be upheld consistently on a daily basis, but is there any day (or particular days of the week) where it's advised to come together as a congregation or ummah, using the day to be mainly devoted only to worship/study?

Thank you very much

A: There are no best days for prayer, prayer are must at their times every day.

Q: What does Imam a.s. say about wearing hijaab? And what are the rules for it?

A: As explained in the room, 3 places the woman don't have to cover - the face - the hands (from your wrist to the fingers) and her feet.

The rest need to be covered properly, if the woman wears jeans ( tight ones ) and still wearing hijab, the imam said that is worst then having her hair exposed .

But wearing jeans and a dress on top of it which goes up to her knees, is better as hijab.

Her dress should not be tight to show her physical shape .

Wearing make up in public is haram.

Only wearing make up to her husband, and a single in her house with in her family.

take care

fee aman allah
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