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The Flower of life Grid, Gulf of Aden Stargate Vortex and more geomancy and ley lines

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"A local legend in Yemen states that Aden may be as old as human history itself. Some also believe that Cain and Abel are buried somewhere in the city."
golf of aden stargate

This man seems to have seen a lot about stargates, portals, underwater bases, water stargates

He says that he regained 40% of memory

Way dos he not show us any pictures of Underwater Bases, Portal, Stargates

Wy not just make a Drawing of somthing its simple just use its free

After regained 40% of memory he shuld be abale to make a Drwaing of a Starget or Portal or Underwater Base

Or go to som1 that can make a 3D Model you regained 40% of memory y can make somthing

After 10+ Yers of Conspiresy Illuminati Freemason Dajjal Antichrist Pictures and Videos that learns y this ....

Image and more of this Image

We need somthing NEW and Fresh at least from 2007-2010++++

If he has seen Underwater Bases and travel a lot then he can make a deawing of a MAP
the interview was done lastyear
so it is up to date.
dont u think that due to satans council being in the sea that these big stargates are portals for that council specifically while before it was menial and this could explain why in yemen si7r is so prevalent i mean like in black magic a magician will still not let a shaytan in(by drawing a circle by where they let them materialize) but will give free reign for the jinn, meanwhile there must be one in oman aswell with its si7r and this is also why the british focused on these two countries so obsessivly . just a thought
but most importantly the amount of energy required to open a star gate
like 911 mega ritual
it means something enormous disastrous is going to happen .
as they have much more info than us so they can do it with the power they have
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elirien wrote:We watched this interview when it first came out.
Besides what he is talking about also his eye movements are quite interesting.

yeah it looks like anyone else refreshing there eyes , now if his eyes were to change colour well THEN it would be INTERESTING :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
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