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Signs Of Change The Past Month Or So 2014 (4) April/May .

Published on May 14, 2014

The earthquake uptick continues all over the ring of fire. At the center of these changes, the United States deals with historic flooding which was nearly a one-in-500 year event!

So much more has taken place in the month or so than this video shows. The deluge continues to hit heavily populated areas! Be prepared for large scale disasters in your area. It has and it will continue to worsen whether we like or not. Stay safe and thanks for watching!
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By balkan
salam alykum,

Here in the Balkans is the largest flood in the last 120 years. All the cities were flooded and destroyed villages ... this has not been seen so far ....
last seven days continuously falling rain, rivers have completely burst its banks, and even the hills began to slide and move, so destroying villages and homes .... :cry:

many people lost their homes over night, roads are damaged, no food or water supply .....
Definitely by far the worst extreme weather and worldwide events

Over 600 Earthquakes Struck California in the Past 24 Hours – Oh – and There’s a Volcano, Too
Sunday, September 28, 2014 3:48

Because sometimes raging wildfires followed by flash floods just aren’t enough for one state…

Earthquakes and Volcano activity
1/01/2015 — Progression of earthquakes across the North Pacific in 24 hours time — 3,800 miles of related events

Take a look at this graphic of the past 24 hours of earthquakes 4.0M and greater.

Does anything stand out to you the reader (viewer)?


You may (or may not) have noticed the line of earthquakes spaced evenly from South Japan to West Alaska. All happening in the 4.0M+ range within 24 hours time. Clearly earthquakes are progressing across a vast area over a short amount of time.

This turns all of geology, and seismology teaching on its head!

“Modern” Geology, and Seismology still incorrectly says that earthquakes in one region are NOT related to earthquakes in another region. To add insult to injury, this commonly taught dogma also says that one earthquake cannot cause another earthquake elsewhere.

This incorrect “belief” , that earthquakes are not related across vast areas, has been taught as fact to most Geologists, and Seismologists.

The evidence / facts clearly contradict these dogmas, therefore the incorrect science needs to be fully dethroned from modern day teaching.

The only way to dethrone dogma is to show everyone the contradictory evidence. ... ours-time/
Giant Body Behind Saturn Entering Solar System

When it comes to the topic of disinformation, people expect it as a given. This is a cavalier view, because, in reality, disinformation kills.

It not only kills the efforts of honest researchers, it will kill those of you who naïvely assume that you have no skin in the game, along with your loved ones.

This is why we are deeply concerned by what we are seeing now with the way Tyler Glockner, and the Secureteam10 YouTube channel are being targeted for takedown by a well-funded disinformation effort.

Why? Secureteam10 has stumbled upon a dark secret the elites want suppressed before it becomes public knowledge and you are going to learn that dark secret in this article.
New DATA shows RAPID DEFORMATION in the earth`s surface and POLAR SHIFT.
Geodetic vertical velocities affected by recent rapid changes in polar motion

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